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These Mini Synths Are As Cute As Kittens

Produced between 2006 and 2009, artist Dan McPharlin attempted to “pay tribute” to early synths and recording equipment with a stunning (and rather cute) collection of miniatures. “Rather than replicating existing machines, the focus was on creating a revisionist history where analogue technology continued to flourish uninterrupted,” says McPharlin of the project which saw him use “framing matt-boards, paper, plastic sheeting, string and rubber bands.” for the creation project. See also: Synth Geek Creates Miniature LEGO Versions Of Classic Moogs To be honest, there really isn’t too much more to say on the matter. Just go through the gallery below ... Read more

Funktion-One To Release One Of A Kind Analog Mixer

The highly regarded speaker manufacturer Funktion-One is set to release their new mixer, the FF6.2. Build in cooperation with Formula Sound (the two companies had previously combined on the FF-6000 and the FF-4000 models), the new device is geared toward the high-end crowd as an analog DJ mixer. The 6 channel FF6.2 features such Funktion-One/Formula Sound nuances as metal EQs and flared fader caps, but also holds features and capabilities previously unseen on an analog mixer. Without getting technical into the specs. (trust me, there is a lot that can be said), the FF6.2 features gold-plated XLR and 1/4 inch inputs, four-band ... Read more

Mint Roland TR-808 (1983) In Original Packaging On eBay

Gear fanatics, make sure you’re sitting down for this one. Because not only is this Roland TR-808 drum machine fresh out of 1983, its also in its original packaging. The Roland TR-808 is the signature beatbox that was used in most R&B and hip-hop productions as well as a lot of dance and techno music.  However, most currently available versions carry-over the wear and tear of 20+ years. Attention: If you’ve been looking to get into the analog-gear game or add a gem to your collection – this will likely arouse your interest. The trouble is that this sale is not directed towards the typical consumer, with the unit pricing in at ... Read more

Korg Announces New Analogue Synth: Minilogue

Only a few more days to go as Korg‘s latest hits shelves on 21 January. Named Minilogue, the new analog snyth from the famed company, which has taken a turn into the budget conscious market. Priced at a reasonable US$500, considering its capabilities. Of which include: 4-voice analog synthesizer Fully programable analog controls, with 200 program memories and 100 presets Analog signal path includes 2 x VCOs, 1 VCF, 2 EG, 1 VCA, and 1 LFO Shape controls allow you to dial in harmonic content in the oscillators’ waveforms Voice Modes allow you to play the minilogue in 8 ways 16-step ... Read more

Moog Unveils Its First Tabletop Semi-Modular Synthesizer

Moog, the iconic synthesizer with half a century of history, has unveiled a new synth that invokes its early days while also paying respect to the future of sound synthesis. Named the Mother-32, it is the companies first tabletop semi-modular synthesizer. It is an analog instrument, therefore able to add raw analog sound, sequencing and extensive interconnectivity to any electronic or modular ecosystem. Meticulously designed to provide artists with a diverse array of creative tools to inspire new music (including samples programmed by The Haxan Cloak), unique sound and endless sonic exploration, the Mother-32 will be available as a standalone unit and/or Eurorack ... Read more