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Aphex Twin Returns To US For First Performance In Nearly A Decade

Not since his 2008 Coachella performance as Aphex Twin graced a U.S. stage, but that all changes this December. On 17 & 18 December, Houston’s Day for Night Festival will welcome the electronic noise pioneer for the first time stateside in nearly a decade. The festival itself is described as, “featuring world class musicians as well as leaders in various disciplines of digital art”. Festival producer Omar Afra could barely contain his excitement by saying, “This is the second moon landing for Houston.” TBH, in looking through the lineup, there are some quite eclectic names to be had. True artists ... Read more

Aphex Twin & DJ Shadow Drop New Surprise Tracks

It sure is that time of year, when artists are feeling generous and releasing a slew of new music, albeit sometimes under surprising circumstances. With that, today has seen soundcloud releases of new tracks from Aphex Twin, as well as DJ Shadow. Now, neither of these tracks are particulalry deep in their sounds, but both feature each artists signature sounds. Aphex Twin, who’s track was accompanied by the declaration of inebriation ‘T17 Phase Out’, “i prolly i shntnde downoied thi coz im drunki m ena uploaded..,” is a manic piece of glitch techno, while DJ Shadow’s ‘Swerve’ draws its influence ... Read more

The World’s Most Valuable Vinyl Records

As it is Record Store Day Black Friday (I’ll spare my own personal views on the uber-consumerism that is this unofficial holiday), we came across 11 of the world’s most valuable records. Per Pitchfork, the first quarter of 2015 saw a 53% increase in vinyl sales from the same period in 2014. Furthermore, since 2006, vinyl sales have increased 600% from 1 million to 6 million. So, with the vinyl industry enjoying a massive (and continuous) spike in sales this year, it is inevitable that more and more music lovers are turning back to the vintage model to experience music ... Read more

Top 10 SoundCloud Uploads By ‘user18081971’ (Aphex Twin)

By now, you have probably heard of the enigmatic SoundCloud contributor user18081971 one way or the other. There is no doubt anymore that this is the alias of Aphex Twin, who started the SoundCloud account to upload new (or old?) music of his. Most of the uploads are, in proper Aphex Twin fashion, hyper conceptual – sometimes barely listenable. But after browsing through the entire upload catalogue, we have found some incredible gems from the UK master. Old ambient work, spacey acid trips, a remix of a 1988 house track that was uploaded this week and even a disco track (sort of). Oh yeah, and ... Read more

Aphex Twin Hints At New Album Named ‘Syro’

He is undoubtedly one of the most prolific, enigmatic electronic music producers out there, and has been described as one of the most inventive and influential figures in contemporary dance music. Not that England’s Richard David James, aka Aphex Twin, would ever admit that. He usually lets his versatile and genre-defying music do the talking and has kept a low profile since he released his last official album ‘Drukqs’ back in 2001 and the recent news that his unreleased ‘Caustic Window’ could be streamed for free. Blimp Until now, that is. Because last weekend a blimp was spotted flying over ... Read more