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Moog Releases Revolutionary App Of Iconic Minimoog Model D Synth

Based on Moog’s original analog designs for the first portable keyboard synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D App invites users to explore the fundamental elements of sound. Created by Moog exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, supporting any 64-bit iOS device to deliver advanced audio desktop-class performance on the go, while integrating seamlessly with mobile DAWs. New Functions Include: – ability to play chords of up to four notes at once, – an easy-to-use arpeggiator module for rhythmic pattern creation – a real time looping recorder with unlimited overdubs – a tempo-synchronizable stereo ping-pong delay module – the Bender — ... Read more

New App WARM Monitors Worldwide Airplays

With the purpose of giving true transparency to bands and artists played on the radio, WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) looks ready to expand even more its reach worldwide. With the addition of: – accurate real time data – detailed reports – clear geographical maps displaying gathered info – push notifications on radio airplays – downloadable reports WARM is able to democratize the way data on radio plays has been handled so far, giving valuable insights on where and how often the music is being played. Check out the WARM website below and use codeword “warm” at checkout to test ... Read more

FRISKY Radio Expands Role As Premier Underground Music Service With Android Launch

Featuring the largest category of electronic music, anytime, anywhere, FRISKY Radio has expanded its reach with the launch of its brand new Android application. Launched late last month, FRISKY’s extensive catalogue of Mixes and Programming will be available across iOS and Android, WORLDWIDE. You can even listen to all content offline, as well as discover music 24/7 with the always on FRISKY Radio in Hi Res Audio. Shows from the likes of Robert Babicz, 16 Bit Lolitas, Dave Seaman, Bespoke Music, Quivver, Wild Dark, Of Norway, Just Her, Justin Massei, Chus & Ceballos and many, many more make up the ... Read more

Never Miss Your Friends (Or Favorite DJ) Again With New Apps From Extrema Outdoor Belgium

Festival season is in full swing, so make sure you get your set times in order! Extrema Outdoor Belgium knows this, and has just dropped, not one, but TWO, new apps designed to organize fans experiences at their 2017 XOBE17 event. First off, their timetable app (which you can download below) has just launched, giving you all the necessary day/time breakdowns over the 2 June weekend. Also, the event has released the interesting new app – Woov (IOS | Android) – which is able to keep track of your friends in real time. What does that mean? never got lost ... Read more

Who’s The Most “Popular” DJ? Settle The Debate Once & For All

Partly owned by Slovenian Techno veteran UMEK, Viberate analyses Facebook, Twitter, and Songkick, ranking artists, labels, and venues across four distinct categories. Those categories – LOVE, MUSIC, PARTY, RESPECT – are meant to provide hard quantified data analysis from billions of data points across the web to effectively rank electronic music figures by genre, territory and a range of other sub categories. Breaking down the specifics of each category: LOVE: Quantifies social media engagement. MUSIC: Measures the performance of music content across streaming channels and music stores for artists and record labels. PARTY: Analyses the influence of events on artists and ... Read more

New Korg Synth Recreates Classic 80s Video Game Audio

In partnership with video game designer Bandai Namco, Korg has created a new chiptune synth for its app, Gadget. Gadget, which launched back in 2014, features numerous virtual synths and drum machines based around the iconic Japanese company’s arsenal of products. It is also a sequence and mixer for those recording full tracks. With the apps latest update, it allows you to utilize the “Kamata” synth, recreating the sounds found in classic Namco games like Pac-Man and Galaga. Kamata will join the 8-bit “Kingston” synth, with a very 80s inspired interface to match. Gadget retails for £14.99, while Kamata is ... Read more

The $200K Synth “Rolls Royce” Is Now Available As An App

Commonly referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of synths, the Synclavier Synth will now be available for download as an app. The app, created by Arturia, recreates the famous New England Digital synth that featured on a variety of 80s classic (like George Michael’s ‘Faith’ and, more prominently, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’) will be available directly from the Arturia web shop. Now, the price tag on this one is a hefty $199, but compared to its $200,000 physical price its something of a bargain. The Arturia Synclavier Synth app was created using the original synths software, giving users a very similar ... Read more

Trackstack Makes Crate-Digging Virtual With New iOS App

Described as “a simple, productive, and immersive digital crate digging tool for your favourite retailer,” the new app Trackstack aims to digitally recreate the experience of vinyl collecting. Linked to Beatport and allowing users to swipe through releases, listen to snippets, and categorize, the app looks to make the experience of record searching through your phone easier. Though referrals to Soundcloud, Discogs, and various social media is possible, currently Trackstack only supports the Beatport catalogue for the actual purchasing of tracks, although they promise to add more retailers soon (as well as an Android version) For now, find the app ... Read more

What Instagram Habits Say About Your Taste In Music

Instagram Music has teamed up with media ratings agency Nielsen to produce the first ever report on the musical tastes of its users. Obviously, the bottom line here is just that…the bottom line, to find out how much users spend on music, events, and marketing, but insight into how users ingest there music and how much time they spend capturing events via the platform, were also looked into. It turns out that 42% on Instagram users are more apt to purchasing music than non users (the same number who say that attending a live event is vital in determining themselves ... Read more

This App Uses Face Tracking For Hands Free Production

Remember the film ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong’? I’m sure you do. The story of famed Ibizan DJ Frankie Wilde, who loses the one tool a musician needs most: his hearing? As your recall, Frankie worked around his disability and  was able to continue his career by mixing based on vibrations. Now, imagine a disability that impedes motors kills or, worse yet, one that has resulted in complete body paralysis. Those suffering from such an ailment may not be so lucky. That is where Danish app maker Eye Conductor comes in. It is an app whose developers aim to provide people ... Read more

This App Let’s You Keep Your Friends Safe When They Walk Home After A Night Out

Sometimes a little gesture goes a long way with safety, and the recently launched COMPANION app launched mid 2015 aims to make the walk home alone just that. Especially for women, the ‘safely home!’ text is a great outcome and it’s something we all should do. Because even the simple act of walking home after dark is just too dangerous. Here’s how it works. Let Companion sync with select contacts in your phone book, which also allows them to track your location. Once the user reaches home a text is sent automatically to alert your companion that you have reached your destination safely. Companion ... Read more

Discogs iOS App Finally Lands

Starting Monday, the internet’s preeminent domain for vinyl record collectors, Discogs, is going mobile. With the long-awaited release of their mobile application, Discogs has finally taken the plunge, moving out of Beta testing and inviting the general public access to its extensive database. The app itself (which will be available for iOS, with an Android version announced for the future) is fairly easy to navigate. Simply, scan a barcode with your phone’s camera, or manage a search results by swiping to add or delete to your wish list. Also, any given LP’s marketplace pricing is prominent, for better or worse. ... Read more

Native Instruments Gives iOS iMaschine A Powerful Overhaul

Two years ago, Native Instruments launched their iOS production app iMaschine, and now the company has unleashed a massive upgrade to the portable music production software. As the first music production app to take advantage of iPhone 6′ 3D touch technology, iMaschine 2 has evolved from its original’s sketchpad approach to a full on music production tool, allowing users to create entire tracks on their iphones and/ore ipads. One of the most noticeable improvments to the app is the inclusion of “step mode”, which switches pad grip mode to step sequencer (something handy for small screen devices). Also, iMaschine 2 ... Read more

Spotify’s New App Finally Proves That You ‘Found Them First’

While only less than two months has passed since Spotify fans got to enjoy the brand new Spotify tool Discover Weekly, which every Monday presents a two-hour selection of custom-made music recommendations, company launched a new one. Found Them First is a web app that lets you know which artists you have found and listened to before anyone else. It works pretty easy. User connects their Spotify account in the Found Them First website, then the algorithm looks into your Spotify listening history and reveals how ahead of “the masses” your music tastes are. Not entirely everyone though, one has to ... Read more

Cymbal Mixes Instagram & Soundcloud For Easy Music Discovery

Described as “music discovery powered by friends, not algorithms,” Cymbal is a new app looks to fill the strategic gap in the digital music business, where a truly social experience for music lovers has yet to be created. The app, which launched this past May, was developed in Boston’s Tufts University by a trio of recent graduates, plays as an “Instagram for music,” bypassing unnecessary options, instead adopting a simple, less-is-more interface. Like Instagram, the app allows users to post just one song alongside colourful album art. Also like Instagram, Cymbal includes a home feed, personal profile, followers, likes, comments, hashtags and tags. The official ... Read more