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Possible Plans For Music Videos Inside Your Facebook News Feed

Last week a rumour started spreading that Facebook was about to enter the market of music streaming services, merely a couple of days after Apple Music went live. Facebook denied the claims however, and made a statement saying it had no desire to begin a streaming service of its own. One insider has now told Billboard that Facebook has something in the works that could be seen as an attempt to enter Google territory. Billboard’s source disclosed information of the social media company having talks with record labels to discuss possibilities for them to natively post official music videos in ... Read more

DJs And Music Collectors Warned Not To Download iTunes 12.2

iTunes has been somewhat of a mothership for organizing your digital music collection. Especially for DJs it’s been a trusted tool to catalog, label and of course find those thousands and thousands of tracks you’ve gathered over the years. It’s a shame then that the latest iTunes update, version 12.2, is showing some nightmarish glitches on your tags, artwork and more. “Arctic Monkeys’ album art is displayed while Elliot Smith is listed as the artist. Meanwhile, when I clicked on The Beatles’ “And Your Bird Can Sing,” an Arctic Monkeys song played.”  – Mashable contributor According to various blogs it comes ... Read more

Why Apple’s Swift Reaction Is More Than A Business Decision

Last Sunday Taylor Swift sent an open letter to Apple Music, Apple’s recently announced music streaming service, to call upon them a change in their approach regarding the no-payment policy during the service’s three month free trial-period (which every subscriber will be granted). The company was scrutinized by both indie labels and artists after the no payment policy, which would be a heavy financial blow for smaller labels and beginning artists. See also: Indie Labels Threatening To Drop Out Of Apple Music Catalog In her open letter, Swift made her appeal by hitting Apple where it hurts: “I’m sure you ... Read more

Indie Labels Threatening To Drop Out Of Apple Music Catalog

A mere day after Apple Music was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook, an AM contract was leaked to the press which showed that the company would not be paying royalty percentages on plays from the standard three-month trial period that is granted to each subscription to the service. In reaction to this news, indie labels are now criticizing Apple en masse, with gaps in the Apple Music catalog as a possible consequence. From reading the different interviews with label execs over the last week, the opposition against Apple’s new music streaming service seems to be growing. Alison Wenham, CEO ... Read more

Leaked Contract: Apple Music Pays No Royalties For Free Account Plays

Apple’s brand new music streaming service Apple Music will allegedly not be paying artists, labels and publishers a dime for plays coming from free trial accounts, a leaked Apple contract states. Furthermore, the document has shed light on the fact that Apple apparently pays less royalties from their turnover than Spotify. See also: So Should Apple Music Be Spotify’s Biggest Fear Now? Digital Music News was able to get their hands on the contract for Apple’s new streaming service and found out about the news that will probably not fall too great with the artists whose music is featured in the ... Read more

So Should Apple Music Be Spotify’s Biggest Fear Now?

At Apple’s lavish World Wide Development Conference yesterday, the tech giant’s very own music streaming service was announced: Apple Music. The streaming service will be available from June 30th for all Apple users, while Microsoft and Android users will have to wait until fall; a subscription will cost you roughly ten bucks a month.    Apple’s obligatory blockbuster intro film The service promises a full, 360 music experience where users will not only be able to listen to the vast album catalog, but can also check out music videos, lyrics, and interact with artists in a number of ways via ... Read more