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Solomun Hands Over Personal Instagram To Unique Selection Of Visual Artists

In a unique initiative, Diynamic label boss Solomun will hand his Instagram account over to the Hamburg Atelier “Freistil – Kunst in Aktion” – a workplace for people with and without disabilities. “Atelier Freistil” is a place that welcomes anyone and everyone for daycare and workshops each and every day of the week. The Atelier enables and encourage artists to host exhibitions exploring sculpturing, printing technology and photography. The take over will raise awareness about workplace and will see them post works from their artists day by day for the next two weeks. Check out the first image by below: ... Read more

Promoter Interview: Audio Obscura

Audio Obscura is a one of a kind events platform that carefully combines cutting edge electronic artists around the world with truly unique and culturally rich event spaces. Bridding the gap between the electronic music industry and the wider artistic market utilising unique and historic venues parallel to some of the most innovative DJs & producers. Next up, on 25 May, Audio Obscura brings a very special extended b2b set at Het Concertgebouw with Dixon & Job Jobse. Anticipating that event, and many interesting things to come, we spoke with the brains behind Audio Obscura on their plans for the ... Read more

The Sonic Bed Is Isolation At Its Finest

Sound artist Kaffe Matthews contribution to her ongoing Music for Bodies research project is an immersive Sonic Bed. Described by Matthews as, “These [beds], with speakers immersed in their upholstery, create situations that transform the listening experience for the sitter into a stimulating and sensual massage, turning ‘weird’ or ‘boring’ music into something meaningful. All kinds of people would queue for hours, have very different experiences and talk of the musical as well as physical and psychological sensations they have had afterwards.” The bed is similar to an isolation chamber, with a 12 channel high fidelity speaker system embedded throughout ... Read more

These 11 Artists Fuse High Art With Nightlife

All over the world, the mediums of high art and nightlife are fusing together like never before. Highlighting any and every scene, genre, and sub section of the industry, from underground fetishists to anthemic trance, the digital space has allowed for the kind of multi sensory presentation necessary for an effective nightlife capture. Here, 11 artists have been highlighted by Electronic Beats who, over the years, have utilized their own respective artistic mediums in ways that have allowed for the world on the dancefloor to “belong” in the world of the gallery. From notorious NYC club kid Michael Alig‘s paintings ... Read more

AudioPill is A Party In Your Stomach, And No One Else Is Invited

In today’s news of the weird and unsettling comes the “AudioPill”. Billed as a “10 hour rave” inside your body. The digestible pill, which was created by Czech artist Jan Poope (he he he), allows for 3 preset beats (before ingesting) to play once swallowed. In a somewhat nightmarish sounding description, Poope, who also describes the device as “certainly not” safe, has said that upon ingestion, users with feel a “very intensive” pain, which would eventually simmer down into a “beating pulse”. What does this “beating pulse” provide, well, according to Poope, “restlessness, amazement and elation” for the duration of ... Read more

Look Back At A Decade Of Berghain Art

Berlin nightlife mega myth Berghain is (quite obviously) known for its music scene, but a new book from the club has highlighted one of its lesser known aspects: that of contemporary art gallery. In publisher Hatje Cantz‘ “Berghain | Kunst im Klub”, readers are able to look back at 10 years of visual art, music, architecture, human bodies, and minds, with a slew of interviews, photos, illustrations, conversations, with enlisted artists. In both German & English, the book is able to shine a light on artists like Wolfgang Tillmans, Norbert Bisky, Marc Brandenburg, Carsten Nicolai, Sven Marquardt, Ali Kepenek, Friederike ... Read more

ADE Essentials: Special Events, Films, Talks (October 14 – 18)

While the anticipation for the largest scale music event with line-ups insensitive to our heart rates is growing each day, to provide some guidelines on how to strategize the upcoming party schedule, we presented the ADE essentials for each day of the festival. Now it is time to talk non-party. Underneath we present a list of daily events, that we are mostly anticipating about. Be mindful that there are over 100 other events you can go to, which you can check on the complete list here, thus this list is our subjective picks. One thing is clear. Take your week ... Read more

Best Of ADE Side Programming: Talks, Art & Master-Classes

If you want to create an extra dimension to your ADE experience next to the fabulous parties, than you should definitely check out some of the special guest lectures and software/gear masterclasses that will be given throughout the week. Here’s a list of some essential side-programming that will be of interest for all beginning DJs and producers out there, and for those who feel a passion for dance music and are interested in what exactly is being done in a studio. Next to that you can also find your artistic self through a variety of art-focussed gatherings, parties and seminars, ... Read more