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Is Ibiza As Good As They Say It Is? THUMP Finds Out In Mini-Documentary

Ibiza is a place that creates and fulfills dreams – for some. It is a place that many see as a mythical spot in the Mediterranean with godly women dancing in bikinis on beaches, world-class DJs playing in the famous Balearic clubs, the beautiful views when moving away form the touristic areas and so on. When you ask Google what the magic of Ibiza is, the variety of hits you get is speaking for the answer. This ‘magic’ is an often talked about and popular subject. So what exactly is it, then? Vice shot a 30-minute Ibiza documentary trying to ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Noah Pred

“Records have such a short shelf life in the market nowadays, you need to get creative with keeping people interested beyond the first few weeks” After performing live for over a decade in the underground hotspots of Toronto, Canada, Noah Pred, also the founder of Thoughtless Music, can now view himself as a sought-after DJ in Europe too, after making the leap to Europe some years ago. Throwing the much-loved Thoughtless label parties was a natural evolution of numerous DJ residencies held by Pred in Vancouver, Montreal and in Toronto with the legendary Fukhouse crew. The past few years have ... Read more