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David Bowie’s Ashes Weren’t Scattered Across Burning Man After All

Several media had picked up the “news” that, in a 70 person ceremony that went down yesterday in the Nevada desert, music legend David Bowie had his ashes scattered. Originally stated as, given permission from his widow, Iman, Bowie’s ashes were said to have been scattered across the desert by his god children, while attendees painted their faces with his trademark lightning bolt. The event was said to have been held at The Temple, which is a massive structure meant to memorialise loved ones. On why Burning Man, a source close to Bowie’s family told E!: “David’s godchild and David ... Read more

Company Presses Records Holding Ashes Of Your Loved Ones

No this not a weird joke. But ‘And Vinyly’, a UK-based company, does have pretty morbid business model: pressing actual vinyl records that holds the ashes of your loved on. “Live on from beyond the groove” And Vinyly’s home page says the company offers “the chance to press your ashes in a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations.” Clients can press records from the ashes of “people, pets and parts”. Although we’re not sure what they mean with ‘parts’ here, it’s evident that And Vinyly takes its job seriously and have come up with a range of ... Read more