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DHA FM Mix #458 by Tunnelvisions

With an unmistakable ear for imaginative melodic themes and entrancing rhythms, Tunnelvisions hits the sweet spot by seamlessly fusing worldly influences with analog synthesizers. Built upon Emiel’s formative house and techno beginnings and Raynor’s early encounters with synth-pop and songwriting, the duo has created a unique musical composition that travels both from the dance floor to the living room. A couple of years down the line, standout releases like ‘Guava’, ‘Channel Tropico’ and ‘The Celestial Ritual’ (with accompanying remix package), not only gained wide-spread acclaim from music aficionados and tastemakers alike but highlight Tunnelvisions’ constant quest to push boundaries and ... Read more

DHA Mix #375 By Tunnelvisions

With the newly released “Rituals II”, Tunnelvisions – one of dance music’s most exciting acts – again highlight their forward thinking approach to organic productions. With support coming from the likes of Adam Port, Tim Sweeney and Damian Lazarus, the accomplished Dutch duo continue to expand their sound, drawing from global influences. With the release out now, we thought it was hight time to get Tunnelvisions on board our mix series…and here they are! “Ritual II” is NOW AVAILABLE on Atomnation BUY

Premiere: Polynation - Toba (Original Mix)

‘Toba’ is the follow up of Polynation‘s ‘Muriatic’ single released last March on Atomnation. It’s their second outing of this year and one of their most up-tempo tracks to date. Recorded in Amsterdam, ‘Toba’ first was an improvised cut that highlighted the Polynation live-set the past years. Evolved and shaped by club & festival experiences, we are happy to finally release Toba on May 18th “Toba” is available 18 May on Atomnation

Premiere: Tunnelvisions - Mbosa's Light (Original Mix)

2017 was the year where Tunnelvisions were introduced to the world via tracks like ‘Tanami’ and ‘Guava’. Since, artists like Adam Port, Tim Sweeney and Damian Lazarus have championed their music regularly, while the recently released Night Mix and Aera‘s remix for ‘Guava’ are still topping the charts. Now, Tunnelvisions are readying a new series of 4 EP’s to be released throughout 2018 and “Ritual I” is the first. Here, ‘Mbosa’s Light’, the first of its two tracks, has atypical vocal, percussion and melodies that is signature to their sound. “Ritual I” is available 13 April on Atomnation PRE ORDER

Premiere: Portable Sunsets - Straylight (Dave DK Remix)

Dave DK has been making waves in the electronic music scene since the early 90’s. With releases on Kompakt, Pampa and Moodmusic, his discography and consistency are an example for both aspiring and established artists. Portable Sunsets now becomes part of Dave’s respectable catalogue of dusty techno and warm melodic house recordings – the German producer remixed ‘Believe’ and ‘Straylight’. “Dave DK Remixes” is available 19 January on Atomnation PRE ORDER

A Look Inside La Rêve

Over the past 4 years, Amsterdam’s La Rêve has had many highlights. There have been illegal warehouses, festivals, ADE showcases with the likes of Parquet Recordings, Einmusika, Atomnation, Connaisseur Recordings, RISE and Suara Music, and many more intimate gatherings of the city’s electronic underground community. This Saturday, 18 November will celebrate its 4th year in De Marktkantine with a line-up with melodic live acts from home and abroad. With the night featuring Solee, Dialoque, Paji, Kjeld Langeveld, Hubert Kirchner, and Cliff de Zoete close at hand, La Rêve’s trio of founders speaks on its past 4 years. “…it is important ... Read more

Premiere: Tunnelvisions - Bayuda (Original Mix)

Tunnelvisions (Raynor de Groot and Emiel van den Dungen) originated from a shared vision of contemporary club music. They believe that the club scene that is often focusing on a colder, abstract high-tempo sound needs to go back to a more organic approach. It’s one of the goals of their newly created Tunnelvisions project: “We aim to bring back the fun to the dance floor again”. This vision brought the two musicians together. Through hypnotic, exotic and grooving productions they tend to offer something new. In the studio, Tunnelvisions combines elements from South American, Caribbean and African sounds. With a ... Read more

DHA Mix #307 By Olaf Stuut

The music of Olaf Stuut tells stories with challenging harmonies, contemporary percussions and deep emotional vibes. It is a sound that has been featured on the likes of Atomnation, Traum, Cocoon, Zaubernuss and infectious Music and supported by Max Cooper, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Minilogue, John Digweed, Joris Voorn, Stimming, and Hernan Cattaneo amongst many others. With over 100+ EP’s, album and remixes in his impressive discography, Olaf Stuut continuously experiments and changes his way of working to keep challenging him self and renewing his sounds. We’ve featured many a premiere from Olaf but now this Amsterdam sound magician drops his ... Read more

We’re Traveling To Stuttgart’s White Noise With Some Friends This Weekend!

We’re heading to Germany this weekend and bringing a few friends over to Stuttgart’s White Noise on Friday, 21 July. White Noise is a multi disciplinary space, offering space for everything from club nights to film screenings across its two rooms. On this night our own Kimou will be joined by a slew of Amsterdam’s best electronic music artists and Atomnation staples, whose founder Applescal, and staple act Deltawerk (live) join. Along for the ride is also the city’s master of deep and melodic House, Aeden. Find all the information and tickets below! 21 July | Deep House Amsterdam Pres. ... Read more

Premiere: Deltawerk - Departer (Original Mix)

Deltawerk, the Amsterdam based project of Pascal Terstappen aka Applescal and Polynation member Hessel Stuut is set to release their debut album “Passages” on 16 June. Coming off Atomnation, the package is a 4xLP that seamlessly works its way into the listener’s psyche and is certain to achieve decorated underground status. Here, we exclusively premiere its track ‘Departer’. “Passages” is available 16 June on Atomnation

Premiere: Tunnelvisions – Tanami (Original Mix)

Tunnelvisions is a new act by Dutch pals Emiel van den Dungen and Raynor de Groot. Together they produce slow, grooving psychedelic house music. ‘Tanami’ – their debut single – is named after a desert in the northern parts of Australia. No surprise, as their main source of inspiration is world music. ‘Tanami’ is available 21 April on Atomnation Soundcloud Label Page Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/premiere-tunnelvisions-tanami-original-mix” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″]

DHA Mix #278 By Applescal

Dutch born Applescal has played DJ sets to appreciative crowds all over the world. Released music since 2009, including 2013’s LP Dreaming In Key and 2016’s EP Leone Highway, he is also the founder of the Atomnation imprint, which has released much-admired work by Weval, Gidge, David Douglas, Sau Poler and many others. With his own productions, stellar DJ sets and a constant flow of content through Atomnation, Applescal is one of the most diverse, dedicated and impressive contributors to the electronic music scene. Hear why with his exclusive mix below! Soundcloud Artist Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/applescal-dha-mix-278″ comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” ... Read more

Premiere: Deltawerk – Corridor (Original Mix)

A new collaborative project between Pascal Terstappen (Applescal) & Hessel Stuut (Polynation), Deltawerk has launched a multi part audio/video project – ‘Passages’ – meant to traverse the space between sound and surreality. Through 4 EPs leading into the summer 2017, Deltawerk lays the journey, with today’s exclusive premiere ‘Corridor’ coming off the series’ second. Coming off Applescal’s own Atomnation label, which has seen music from the likes of Sau Poler, David Douglas, Weval, Gidge, as well as this projects’ collaborator, Polynation. “Passages, EP.2” is out February 17th on Atomnation with remixes by Marvin & Guy / Audiojack. PRE ORDER Soundcloud ... Read more

Premiere: Olaf Stuut – Evolve Tutor (Original Mix)

With “ET,” Amsterdam based producer Olaf Stuut returns to Atomnation with a stunning four track EP. The sound of Olaf Stuut can be described as vibe and emotion through sound. Listeners are given a choice, either dance or stretch out on the couch. Olaf Stuut is a musician who always tells a story, with strong vibes, challenging harmonies, and melodic sounds. Today, Olaf exclusively premieres the solid beats of ‘Evolve Tutor’. “ET” is available 16 December on Atomnation. PRE ORDER Soundcloud Artist Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/premiere-olaf-stuut-evolve-tutor-original-mix” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″]

Premiere: Sau Poler – Esperits (LOR Remix)

LOR brings together elements of techno, electronica and house to create his individual sound. The Belfast producer announced his arrival late last year with remixes of classics by Arthur Russell and Kraftwerk, which were supported by the likes of Âme, Gerd Janson, Bicep, John Talabot and more. As a DJ, LOR is rapidly on the rise, moving from Belfast Underground Radio, to various festivals this summer including AVA in Belfast, Celtronic in Derry and Tramlines in Sheffield. On the production front, LOR’s first official remix, of Sau Poler’s ‘Esperits’ is due on leading Dutch label, Atomnation in September, of which ... Read more