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DHA Mix #358 By Henry Saiz

Having consistently sat firmly in the realm of the challenging and unexpected, Henry Saiz is about to take release his most ambitious project to date. In the works since 2016, and after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Henry embarked on a creative adventure with the intention of soundtracking the world with his live band, eventually turning it into a highly personal and eclectic audiovisual album. Now, 1.5 years later, Henry Saiz & Band are set to deliver the unique project. Having traveled to Lanzarote, Australia, Dubai, Kenya, Saigon, Joshua Tree, Tokyo, Europe, Argentinian Andes, and Antarctica, it is a record ... Read more

Carl Cox Curated Babylon Festival Returns To Australian Countryside For 2018

Set deep inside Victoria, Australia’s countryside, Babylon Festival returns next February for its second showing of music, art and culture. The three day camping event takes place on February’s final weekend, 23 – 25, and will feature local and international artists of all descriptions. The event is curated by Babylon legend, Carl Cox, who will return to the Main Stage for another Burning man-inspired set. For this edition, Carl will also be doing a surprise second set, so stayed tuned for those details. Alongside Carl, Babylon will also welcome Laurent Garnier, Agents of Time, Pan-Pot, Enrico Sangiuliano, Deborah De Luca, ... Read more

Interview: HAAi

Much of the buzz in London these days surrounds Phonox resident HAAi. Hailing from Australia, and with a background in shoegaze and psyche bands, a chance trip to Berghain provided the inspiration to focus on electronic music, as well as a move to Europe. Flash forward some five years and now HAAi has secured her busiest year to date. Indulging in her more esoteric taste in music, HAAi, and her Coconut Beats imprint, travel the world, as well as handling duties inside the Phonox booth every Saturday. Her 2017 has also included her Ibiza debut (Pikes, alongside Midland), as well ... Read more

Carl Cox Signs On As Official Music Curation Partner With New Australia Festival, Babylon

The new electronic music lifestyle and camping experience Babylon Festival, to be held between 10-13 March, 2017 in Australia, has brought on non other than Ibiza king Carl Cox to be their official musical curation partner! Joining the lineup as headliner, which also includes the likes of Danny Daze, Claude VonStroke, Fur Coat, Lee Burridge, Joris Voorn, Pleasurekraft, Marc Houle, and Luke Slater, Carl Cox is set to shape the multi-faceted ethos of the Babylon community. As you can probably guess, The Babylon experience goes far beyond the limits of just music. Rather, offering a vibrant cultural melting pot of ... Read more

Australians Set Out to Distribute Pill-testing Kits at Music Festivals

Harm reduction advocates have set out to distribute large numbers of free “legal” DIY drug-testing kits at the big Sydney festivals this upcoming summer festival season, despite the opposition from the government. While the Netherlands are expanding the work hours of the legal government funded centre for drug-testing, the Australian politicians, law enforcement, health officials and drug experts still continue to largely clash over the most ethical and effective drug-harm reduction solutions. As the southern hemisphere is heading towards the festival season, after several drug-related fatalities last summer, more tragedies might be expected if no means are taken. Thus the organisation Harm Reduction Advocates decided to carry out a “protest manoeuvre” involving distributing free ... Read more

New Smart Headphones Adapt To Individual Ears, Changing Listening Experience

This week in crazy, futuristic headphone news comes NURA. NURA is the brainchild of a Melbourne-based startup and it is a headphone set that “scans” wearers ears, ultimately catering the emitted sound to what that users ears hear best. How do they do that? Well, I’m glad you asked that because each cup is equipped with tiny microphones meant to identify vibrations of hairs inside the ear’s cochlea when exposed to sound via a 60 second sonic frequency. This only has to happen once and the headphones Are able to recognize who the wearer is each additional time by a simple ... Read more

Australians Say Goodbye To Beloved KFC With Deep Fried Farewell Rave

“The shittiest KFC in the Perth metropolitan area,” shut down last Friday night and in celebration staged a celebratory send off rave in the restaurants parking lot. Thrown by local crew Get Weird, who stated a Facebook event with the sad but true statement that, “Eventually every independently operated fried chicken franchise must come to an end and, sadly, the North Perth KFC is no exception.” Naturally, the news went viral (as it should) and over 1000 people RSVP’d (the “venue” was only capable of holding around 40) originally forcing the rave to be cancelled but, as heroes do, the ... Read more

Sunday Viewing: A Trip Through 1997s Melbourne Rave Underground

Submitted for your Sunday Viewing pleasure comes 1998’s, ‘Neurodancer,’ a short documentary that takes a look at rave culture that exploded in Australia, specifically in Melbourne, over the 1990s. This quite comprehensive and well rounded documentary follows many figures of the day, from artists to administrators, and covers raves both big and small.  With a throbbing soundtrack made up of Hardware Records and Sonic Animation, this 30 minute glimpse into Australia’s raving past veers through the docks of Melbourne and into its dingy warehouses where lights, dancers, DJs, and decorations provided (most of) the stimulation to make it an all ... Read more

Thousands Of Sydneyans Hit The Streets Protesting Lockout Laws

Thousands of Sydney residents took to the streets on Saturday in protest over the infamous lockout laws that have been threatening nightlife culture in the Australian metropole. See also: Sydney now implements ‘Kebab lockout law’ The Keep Sydney Open Rally started at Sydney’s Central Station at 12:30pm before making its way to the Central Business District. The NSW Government introduced the laws in 2014 in response to antisocial behaviour in the CBD. The rally’s founder Tyson Koh, DJ Nina Las Vegas and The Preatures’ Isabella Manfredi were the speakers during the central meeting point at Hyde Park. Numbers vary on the exact turnout of ... Read more

Sydney Lockout: No New Nightclubs Until 2017

The increasingly un fun Australian metropolis of Sydney has continued its descent into old person-vile, with an extension of their infamous “lock out” laws until 2017. With that, the immediate repercussions for its squandering nightlife industry are this: NO NEW NIGHCTLUBS until, at least, 2017. The laws specifically target the areas of Sydney CBD and King’s Cross, and have been implemented while the government “reviews” the future of the February 2014 instituted laws. Technically, the 2 year trial period for the lock out laws expired on February 5th, but the extension and review allow for the extension. “We want … ... Read more

Sydney Now Implements Kebab Lockout Laws

There is a new political rage going on down under, and its all about telling its citizenry what they cannot do on a night out. Firstly, and most documented, came Sydney’s alcohol lockout laws, with its far reaching consequences. meant to curb the amount of alcohol-fueled violence, the cruz of the law had vendors stopping service at 10pm, alongside 1:30am for hotels and nightclubs. Needless to say, with Australia ever-increasing as a destination of dance music, its citizenry, as well as those looking to travel to the city, have not been taking kindly. But now there is a new lockout ... Read more

The 10 Biggest Surprises, Scandals, And Moments Of Dance Music 2015

This is one of those end of year lists that may not conveniently fit in any singular category. The following ten events, in our opinion, highlighted this year in dance music, each representing a different aspect of what we hope to provide you: a broad spectrum of what underground dance music culture is, what it symbolizes, and what it is capable of. From micro to macro, local to global, our list is not a real ranking of sorts (yes, it is numbered…a formality really, aside from the overwhelming importance of the top spot). From the lifting of antiquated laws to the stimulation ... Read more

Learn The Art of Sampling, 80’s Style [VIDEO]

Before copyright laws targeting the practice of sampling, it was free and open practice which laid the foundations of hip hop and all genres that emerged, including house and electronic. Digging deep into the archives, we came across a short documentary from 1988 produced for Australian TV, which features the likes of Cold Cut, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Beastie Boys, and Ice T discussing the practice. In this balanced documentary, both the pros and cons of sampling are addressed, as well as much in depth insight into its birth and early philosophy. So, give the beow video a watch and remember ... Read more

Experts Push For Legal MDMA In Australia

A Melbourne-based scientist and prominent doctor has called for Australia to manufacture and market pure legal MDMA in pharmacies with the aim to curtail the prevalence of contaminated pills, especially given the frequency of the drug’s use amongst the countries population. Pharmacist Joshua Donelly and leading doctor Professor David Penington have issued concern in the Journal of Law and Medicine about the number of Australians taking the drug, swallowing contaminated pills that put them at greater risk of harm. In order to attempt to reduce this, the pair recommends the Australian government should legalise MDMA, and regulate its production and sale through pharmacies. This would allow, amongst other things, pharmacists to advise “high ... Read more

Australian DJ Duo Pulls The Perfect Troll On EDM Crowd

When seeing the video below you’re first wondering whether this has been done before, and why this isn’t standard practice for every DJ (with a sense of humour) to do every once in a while. Mashd N Kutcher, an Australian DJ duo, are hyping up a packed club with the standard EDM build-up to the infamous drop, at which point they throw in Spandau Ballet’s ‘I Know This Much Is True’. Their bold move results into a couple of boos and fingers in the air. But after a few seconds the crowd even begins to sing along. The video has ... Read more