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The First Ever Televised Electronic Music Awards Are Coming To Fox

So, there’s now something called the “Electronic Music Awards & Foundation” Show, which will air on the FOX Network at the end of April. Specifically, the air date is 23 April, and the venture is a partnership between the Newscorp. subsidiary, TV4 Entertainment and electronic music veteran Paul Oakenfold, which, per its press release, looks to “celebrate the best in electronic music”. The event is marketed as the first electronic music awards show but perhaps it would be more truthful if they added televised in there (Club World Awards, IDMA, etc) The event’s vague description reads as “show will feature ... Read more

Sankeys Awards Winners Revealed

As the while isle of Ibiza is about to close its doors for the summer, Sankeys, one of islands most prominent club will draw a line to this season with its first underground Award Ceremony. It’s hard to argue the fact that this years season of Sankeys Ibiza pushed the limits of the island making it one of the most prominent venues in Ibiza Kicking things off the inimitable David Vincent, opened up the night delighting the busy audience with a great amusing and insightful half hour talk about the history of Sankeys, where it all came from and the vision ... Read more