komm schon Alter Gathers Leading Ladies Of The Scene For Special Showcase Events

Ever the wiser, Amsterdam’s komm schon Alter continues to mature in sound and growth bringing a collection of the scene’s best, alongside some of its Leading Ladies, to Rotterdam’s Annabel and Utrecht’s BASIS. First up is Rotterdam! Not only will this be the first time komm schon Alter has descended onto this city, but it will also be the first time it has seen a nightlife even that is strictly and exclusively 24 and up in age. On the evening, the city’s huge stage hosts komm schon Alter resident Miss Melera will headline. Undoubtedly a crowd favorite and positive ambassador of ... Read more

BASIS Is Set To Fill The Gap In Utrechts Nightlife

The sleepy town of Utrecht will be getting a wake up call as a new club under the name BASIS opens its doors. With a distance of 40 kilometres South-East from Amsterdam,  so far many Utrechters have chosen to go to Amsterdam for their nights out. However, this doesn’t stop Jorn Lukaszczyk and Joost Holthuizen from setting shop there (or should we say setting club). Equipped with a space literally underground, the founders of BASIS are using their experience from for example the Nachtcollege organization, to create the new club. A good room, with good music, with a good soundsystem and ... Read more