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Is Basslet The FitBit Of Bass?

Coming our of Berlin, a new wearable technology meant to enhance the tactile effects of bass, has been released. Dubbed BASSLET, the bracelet like gadget is meant to recreate the physical effects of bass that headphones and speaker systems cannot. Essentially, users would plug the device into their music players. Mounted on the bracelet is a proprietary engine that sends frequencies as low as 10hz into your wrist. The company behind basslet, founded by ex Ableton and Native Instruments employees, aims the product past audiophiles, however. Also in their sites are gamers, VR users, and casual music fans. Endorsed by ... Read more

Let The Music Go Straight To Your Brain With Batband

God knows there is an abundance of headphones available. From in-ear, around the ear, cup, cheap and expensive, professional and consumer, the market is one that is saturated, to say the least. Despite this, however, their remains on inherent “given” with headphones: regardless of model, they are always in your ear, drowning out the sounds of the world around you. Batband is a new kind of headphone. By using bone conduction technology, the sleek, wrap around design frees listeners’ ears while allowing music to be heard clearly. When attached to a listeners mobile device, via Bluetooth, the audio can be ... Read more