Free Download: Dance Fever (The Mekanism Edit)

The Mekanism, aka Damien Roussel, is a Parisian house music DJ/producer. He has gained an international following through some excellent studio work and an incredible skill set as a DJ. The former has already delivered him a very respectable catalogue, with releases on Needwant, Exploited and Sintope. Regarding his DJ skill we’re fortunate enough to have witnessed him live a couple of times now and let me tell you: this guy is on fire behind the decks. Whether it’s mixing in between the toughest tracks, going creative with effects or scratching vinyl on an expert level, the Mekanism pulls it ... Read more

SUBFIX Podcast #001 by Good Guy Mikesh

Our second mix this week comes from the Leipzig-born Good Guy Mikesh. We will find out if he’s actually that good of a guy next week, but what we do know is that his music kicks ass. His latest EP is about to be released on Ellum coming Monday (Review), and he’s had earlier successes on Compuphonic, The Exquisite Pain Recordings, Dirt Crew Recordings, Riotvan and We Love This. Over the last couple of years and in the circles he was operating in, Mikesh has grown to be somewhat of a prodigy. He’s known to be the guy with the ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with Eric Volta

We’re very proud to have Eric Volta behind the decks during our third instalment of SUB/FIX this Friday. So before he makes his way to Amsterdam we thought it was a good idea to have a bit of banter with the underground renegade. Since his releases on Visionquest and No.19, the Berlin-based virtuoso’s career is taking off. It’s about bloody time. Why? Because this guy deserves to make his sound heard across the globe. That sound isn’t house, it isn’t techno either, it doesn’t even float somewhere in between. It’s unlike anything you have ever heard, quite frankly, and will ... Read more

Beatclub Bringing Some Serious Competition to the Clubscene

The combination of live streaming and electronic music has been a match made in heaven ever since Thristian Richards and Blaise Bellville aired the first episode of their lovechild Boiler Room. It’s a simple concept, yet immensely effective and exciting, giving people around the world a peek into the electronic music scene both aurally and, above all, visually. The biggest player at the moment is BE-AT.TV, which started out in 2009 and now has six-figure ratings for their live streams each week. Last week BE-AT.TV has taken a bold new step by introducing a new clubbing concept right in the ... Read more

Can’t get enough of ADE? Voila!

Are you ready for more ADE? Then we have just the thing for you. Here’s a list of out-of-the-box parties and events, like the best afterparties, livestream set sessions and more. Check it ouhout!! RUSH HOUR INSTORE (18:00 – ?) From Wednesday to Saturday this week you can find special musical treats at the Rush Hour store. Four days they start at 6pm with names like Chez Damier, Funkineven, Hunee, San Proper, Kid Sublime and L.I.E.S… Something to check out at least one day.. Events ELECTRONIQUE Thursday 13:00 – 01:00 A daytime party with a great line up at an intimate location. Our ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Chris Carrier

Some people are just born to make music. Parisian Chris Carrier is one of those people. For more than a decade monsieur Carrier has released over one hundred records and remixes for a variety of labels. Although not as popular as he should be, Carrier is revered by connoisseurs as one of the most gifted producers in the dance scene. We caught up with Chris for an in-depth tête à tête about his music, life in Paris and Sesame Street. Lisez-vous! “We have gone full circle, underground electronic music is a real, quality genre now” How did you start out being a DJ/producer. Was there ... Read more

Needwant’s ADE Podcast by Mario Basanov

Mario Basanov is a name that is starting to become familiar to many nowadays. He’s already a champion in his home country Lithuania, where he’s won the ‘Producer of the Year Award’ back in 2011. His sound is diverse, never letting himself be categorized in a specific genre. Whether it’s Deep House, to Disco or Electro, Basanov has a talent for making it sound unique and, most of all, very danceable. He hooked us up with a fresh mix so we can show you exactly what we mean. Back in 2009 Mario Basanov showed his love for Deep House to ... Read more