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Premiere: Hraach - Hidden Dimension (Kora Remix)

After contributing a remix for Satori‘s track ‘Bad Looking Trouble’ on Underyourskin Records last year, Armenian breed producer Hraach releases his first EP, ‘Hidden Dimension’ on the label. The four tracker comes along with two original versions, the title track and ‘Nemesis’, and two remixes by Tara Brooks and Kora. ‘Hidden Dimension’ starts off with a luscious baseline and a single synth-loop that in the course of the track switches it’s tonality and is enriched with guitar sounds that remain in the background to support the the lead synth. Due to the combination of the aforementioned elements the track is ... Read more

Interview: John Acquaviva

Whatever your involvement is with electronic music, chances are you’ve felt the influence of John Acquaviva. Perhaps best known for his involvement with Richie Hawtin in forming of the highly influential labels Plus 8 Recordings and Definitive Recordings, his influence and reach extends in swathes beyond these considered pillars of dance music culture. Aside from his extensive musical accolades, John Acquaviva also boasts being a founding member of Beatport, as well as a key figure int he development of DVS DJ technology. This Friday, 18 August, John Acquaviva joins Music On at Amnesia Ibiza where he will take to the ... Read more

DHA Mix #239 By Wehbba

Brazil born, Barcelona based DJ, Wehbba, kicks us into November with an adrenaline pumping mix. Rodolfo Wehba‘s roots are nestled in Brazil’s Sao Paulo. The producer had his first release on the German imprint Killa Beat back in 2006 with the track ‘Flappin My Pie Hole’. He has since worked hard to refine his sound and improve his techniques, leading him to make the move across the globe to Barcelona. Brimming with creatives and young talent, the move allowed Wehbba to indulge in success, leaving him with his own studio, wife and French Bulldog. His progression over the years has ... Read more

Beatport Founding Partner Pens Open Letter To Company

Jonas Tempel, a founding partner and CEO of Beatport from 2002-2010, has written an open letter to his former company, covering much ground and offering advice for its future. In lieu of Beatport’s messy divorce from its parent company SFX Entertainment, Tempel discusses his time with the company, as well as his hope for its future with a variety of suggestions aimed at refocusing Beatport’s original mission. Written with a strong love of electronic music in its tone, Tempel begins by reminiscing on his original love for electronic music, beginning with a 100 person underground rave in 1991 through the introduction ... Read more

SFX Rumored To Let Off Majority Of Dutch Brands Including ID&T

The ongoing debacle that is SFX has finally had its consequences reach Dutch shores. After the sales of music platform Beatport and ticketing service Flavorus, it seems like Dutch dance music mega promoters ID&T, QDance, and B2S are next on the auction (or sales) block. Though rumoured to be a relatively “painless” change of hands, unlike the companies North American ventures, details remian sketchy as to the exact restruscturing and terms of the proceedings. This all comes via Dutch media magazine Quote, whose anonymous sources also haven’t provided much insight outside of the already mentioned news. All this comes as ... Read more

Trackstack Makes Crate-Digging Virtual With New iOS App

Described as “a simple, productive, and immersive digital crate digging tool for your favourite retailer,” the new app Trackstack aims to digitally recreate the experience of vinyl collecting. Linked to Beatport and allowing users to swipe through releases, listen to snippets, and categorize, the app looks to make the experience of record searching through your phone easier. Though referrals to Soundcloud, Discogs, and various social media is possible, currently Trackstack only supports the Beatport catalogue for the actual purchasing of tracks, although they promise to add more retailers soon (as well as an Android version) For now, find the app ... Read more

Beatport Releases Extensive First-Ever BitTorrent Bundle

Beatport is going pirate and releasing an “unprecedented” free production starter pack via BitTorrent Bundle direct-to-fan publishing. “BitTorrent’s Bundle platform allows us to offer a vast collection of resources in a way that is both free and truly meaningful to anyone looking to get started, while helping our Sounds label providers reach a new audience.” says Clark Warner, Beatport SVP of Artist & Label Relations. The bundle itself will include: More than 1 GB of free sounds, samples, and effects soundpacks from Beatport Sounds provided by over 20 participating labels. Three video tutorials provided by partner FaderPro on production techniques. ... Read more

SFX: What Comes Next?

As we correctly predicted, and what is now widespread knowledge, the beleaguered EDM conglomerate SFX Entertainment has culminated a tumultuous few months with, what many felt was inevitable: a declaration of bankruptcy. Officially called a “Restructuring Support and Forbearance Agreement,” the music mega corporation will be forced to undergo a complete financial overhaul beginning with the stepping down of its CEO Robert Sillerman (who will instead be operating under the “chairman” title). This overhaul is one which relies on an ad hoc group to provide over $115 million debtor in possession fees, which would go towards paying the companies existing ... Read more

SFX Entertainment Files For Bankruptcy

It has finally happened. As we predicted last month, SFX has filed for bankruptcy. The dance music colossus is bust, even though it received $20 million in funding in mid-January. In the end, it turns out, the financial struggles, created mainly by a string of expensive takeovers and a crash of its stock price, the holding has coped with in the last year were irreversible. There are some silver linings to be found, however. Globenewswire reports that SFX has will undergo a Restructuring Support and Forbearance Agreement including a commitment from the ad hoc group to provide up to $115 million ... Read more

Dutch Beatport Announced, Customised For Local Artists And Public

Beatport, the dominant digital music supplier in electronic music, today announced it is launching a country-specific version of its music service in The Netherlands, which is completely customised for the local interests of Dutch DJs, artists, and fans. While Beatport is available in more than 220 countries across the globe, this is the first time both the product and content has focused on a specific one. This includes not only translating the entire site into Dutch, but also featuring locally relevant artists, music, news, and more across all Beatport properties, curated and operated by the Beatport team based in Amsterdam. ... Read more

Oliver Dollar & Nils Ohrmann – Funk Ya – Out Now on Cajual Records

Fresh from his renegade ADE Boat Party last week with Cajmere & Kenny Dope here is Oliver Dollar‘s latest tune on the never-disappointing-always-amazing Cajual Records… funky, uplifting and bouncy in equal measure Funk Ya does just what it says on the tin. [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/cajual/oliver-dollar-nils-ohrmann-funk-ya” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″]

Beatport Presents Oliver Dollar & Friends Livestream

For those wanting the REAL Amsterdam Dance Event vibe – DO NOT miss this live stream from Oliver Dollar and his burgeoning label, Industry Standard, coming Saturday 17th October. Oliver invites his friends for this one-off event – the legendary Kenny Dope will be in attendance alongside the unstoppable Cajmere and Jesse Rose, among others for a special boat party. There will be no re-runs so watch it real time or miss it forever! And…in case you are unfamiliar with Oliver Dollar, the past five years have seen his name gradually build to a recognizable staple in house music. The ... Read more

Beatport Freezes Artist & Label Payments

Until its new parent company SFX Entertainment completes its “going private” process, Beatport has alerted artists and labels that it will not pay out its owed royalties over the past quarter. For larger labels this, seemingly temporary, issue may not play as a big deal, however for small labels, 3 months of income has now been suspended. As Beatport counts as nearly 90% of revenue for some labels, the quarterly non-payment is significant. As for Beatport itself, they remain confident that the suspension will be, “coming to an end in the next few weeks, at which time all payments will be able to be ... Read more

Flashmob Release First Analogue Sample Pack

2015 sees a new era for Flashmob, it’s been two years since the success of the Defected singles and now an analogue-infused, darker and raw sound returns to the fore. This July sees the next logical career step for a producer who has caught the ear of every major underground house and techno act on the planet. The first Flashmob production pack is titled ‘Raw Analogue Technique’ and is available exclusively on Beatport. The pack contains hundreds of samples and sounds curated by Flashmob using mainly hardware equipment that has been collected over years of top flight music production and traveling. ... Read more

Native Instruments Introduces ‘Stems’ Audio Format Allowing Greater Manipulation Capabilities

Native Instruments, creators and proprietors of Traktor DJ Software, have announced a new open audio format entitled ‘STEMS’ rolling out in the upcoming months. Introduced in Miami at last week’s Winter Music Conference, Stems primary goal is to make more aspects of music available for manipulation, whether in the studio or in the booth, by DJs, Remixers, and Producers alike. For example, four “Stems” (bass, drums, melody, vocals) exist within each file, which can now be accessed and modified as individual elements.  Each stem file, which ends with stem.mp4, contains a single stereo mix and all 4 parts. Though larger than an MP3 ... Read more