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Party Report: Movement Detroit 2017

As we start the “warm up” festivities on Thursday at T.V. Lounge in Detroit, we are happily surprised how everyone is so welcoming and nice. Motor City, as everyone should know, is the birthplace of techno and even at 9pm, 7pm or whatever time of the night, we get some techno beats in the face and we love it. The venue is nothing fancy, the speakers look like they’re custom made, it looks more like a bar than a club but it has such a real feel to it, we enjoy the place very much. T.V Lounge is the Staple ... Read more

Model 500 (Juan Atkins) Announces New LP Due January 2015

Detroit techno godfather Juan Atkins has just announced a brand new album to be released under his Model 500 moniker called Digital Solutions, due to be released around January 2015. It will be the third Model 500 album after his last one, Mind And Body, which came out back in 1999, four years after his debut Deep Space. Although both previous albums were released on R&S records, Digital Solutions will be issued on Atkins’ own Metroplex label. Metroplex, founded back in 1985, has been the creative outlet for legendary tracks under his Model 500 name like ‘NO UFO’s’, ‘Future’ and lesser ... Read more