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Massive Collection Of Vintage Era Boomboxes Now On Auction

Boomboxes aka “Ghettoblasters” were a staple of 70s-90s urban culture, ubiquitous in every scene from rock n roll and disco to breakdance and soul.  Though technically never “portable,” the huge, cassette/radio hosting, the we-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude they elicited simply meant obnoxious volumes, preferably in residential neighborhoods, on the shoulders of those definitely not in suits. Now, a New Zealand based collector is auctioning off a massive collection of vintage era boomboxes as a complete set. One that may very well be the world’s best. The asking price? $20,000NZ or $14,000US. Check out the images of the full collection below, featuring models such as sharp gf-1000, lasonic ... Read more