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Enchufada Brings 10 Year Anniversary To ADE 2016

Widely credited as making its hometwon of Lisbon the epicenter of European Tropical House falvor, Enchufada brings its decade celebration to Amsterdam for ADE 2016. The label, run by Branko, will join forces with Amsterdam’s preeminent tropical night, Ticket to the Tropics and bring the likes of Batuk, Rastronaut, Kuenta I Tambu, and Girls. Of course, Branko will also be there, but so will Peruvian audiovisual duo, and Enchufada mainstays, Dengue Dengue Dengue. The duo will bring there acclaimed new album “Siete Raíces” presented (as well as being sold on vinyl for the first time). 22 October | Enchufada Label ... Read more

ADE’16 Essentials: Saturday, 22 October

The day you start appreciating and anticipating autumn, is the day you move to Amsterdam. Since as soon as your Facebook timeline starts to fill up with the first bunch of events, you know the best is about to come… Amsterdam Dance Event is a well awaited week of the biggest club festival in the world, but also all the music world community – the legends, the new-comers, the outcasts (subgenres) – all coming together to showcase the state-of-art electronic dance music. Honeslty, it’s easy to lose track (or even head) with well over 450 events already scheduled, in around 100 clubs and venues ... Read more

You Can (Finally) Turn Your Butt Into A Musical Instrument

This one goes out to all the twerkers out there. Your shaking butt can now be turned into a musical instrument with the latest unprecedented advancement in musical technology, The Booty Drum. Designed as a collaboration between headphone company AIAIAI, Buraka Som Sistema‘s Branko, professional ass shaker Twerk Queen Louise, and Dutch design company Owow, the mission of The Booty Drum project (or Real Booty Music) is to explore, “whether it’s possible to change the perception of twerking through placing it in a technology-driven, creative context.” Owow describes the project in depth as, “The Booty Drum is a device that records movement through accelerometers ... Read more