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ADE Bridges The Wall Between China’s Underground And The West

This year, the 2017 edition of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will feature a strong focus on the exploding underground dance scene of China – one of the world’s most promising (and rising) markets. With a full programme – Mai Music Presents: Bridging The Wall – Unveiling China’s Dance Scene – the leading Chinese dance organization will present itself across disciplines for an in-depth look at the current and future climate of the market. Members from the Chinese and Dutch dance scene come together to give fans an intimate look into how the scene has developed in China over the last ... Read more

New Music ID System ‘GTI’ Might Reshape Royalties System

Berlin music technology developer Future Audio Workshop has been working on a new track ID system that can be implemented in nightclubs. FAW claims the system should eventually make it more easier for rights organizations to see what DJs are playing in clubs. The product is called GTI (Geo Track ID) and what it does is take a fingerprint of the tracks being played through the sound system in clubs. The collected data will eventually be sent to and used by rights organizations like GEMA in Germany or Buma in the Netherlands who in turn will use it to gather ... Read more