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David Bowie’s Ashes Weren’t Scattered Across Burning Man After All

Several media had picked up the “news” that, in a 70 person ceremony that went down yesterday in the Nevada desert, music legend David Bowie had his ashes scattered. Originally stated as, given permission from his widow, Iman, Bowie’s ashes were said to have been scattered across the desert by his god children, while attendees painted their faces with his trademark lightning bolt. The event was said to have been held at The Temple, which is a massive structure meant to memorialise loved ones. On why Burning Man, a source close to Bowie’s family told E!: “David’s godchild and David ... Read more

Shit Mobile Service At Festivals? Drones Are Coming To The Rescue!

Ahh Drones, those loveable, hovering instruments on surveillance (best case scenario), is there anything they can’t do? Doesn’t look like it. Not only can they film you sunbathing nude in the privacy of your back yard, or destroy generations of potential good will at a Yemeni wedding, now they can also provide mobile service at festivals! You know how at almost every festival you go to, the mobile signal seems to be shit? I’m not scientist but Im guessing it’s from all the people in one place experiencing FOMO at the same time. Well, US company AT&T has suggested the ... Read more

Burning Man Is Coming To The Netherlands

Word comes through the pipeline that the non-profit company associated with Nevada’s Burning Man will be crossing the Atlantic and touching down in the Netherlands. Burning Man Netherlands has been setup as co convey the 10 principles of its American counterpart here in Netherlands. Ten Principles that include: gifting, decommodification, radical inclusion, radical self reliance, and civic responsibility, shining a light on the world we need, rather than the world we have. The jewel of Burning Man Netherlands will come in the form of a 3 day festival in 2016 called “Where The Sleep Sheep” held in the Veluwe over 29-31 July, ... Read more

Burning Man To Host Year Round Events After Purchasing New Land

The (non profit) organization behind the annual Burning man event in Nevada has recently purchased a $6 million ranch property, intent on establishing it as a “permanent settlement” for burners, artists and other creatives. Set over 3,800 acres in Northwest Nevada, the groups exact plans for the “Fly Ranch” remain vague, but hint at the ability to harness time beyond the week of its Black Rock City couterpart. “Fly Ranch is a much smaller space [than Black Rock City], but with potential year-round access, it offers the gift of time,” the group has said “Eventually we’ll be able to create more opportunities spread ... Read more

Noisily Festival Podcast By Uone

In light of his upcoming summer performance at Noisily Festival, Uone’s special podcast invites us into the holistic atmosphere the festival so deeply curates. Raised on Melbourne’s Peninsula coast, music quickly became Uone’s passion and lifestyle. Disillusioned with the sounds of big room dance, he was driven to throw underground warehouse parties. Flowing under the LAB brand, he brought in artists such as Niconé, Sascha Braemer, Mark Henning, Nico Stojan, and Catz n Dogz to the warm shores of Australia. He’s released on labels such as Beef Records and Chameleon Recordings, and played a few note worthy international gigs which include, Boom (Portugal), Glade (UK), Universo Paraleo (BR), Burning Man (Nevada), Fusion (Berlin), ... Read more

Further Future: A Millennial Utopia

Last weekend just deep enough with the native lands of the Paiute Tribe in the desert of Nevada a cultural shift took place which has redefined what a “festival” has the potential to be: the event was Further Future.The festival, put on by the organizers of Robot Heart, is unlike any other festival on the scene. The founders have curated a truly unique space for the imagineers of the world to come together and converse. It goes beyond the party. The energy encourages growth and conversation. Upon entering the festival you can tell it is just different: it’s about the ... Read more

New Video Shows What It’s Like To Be A Kid At Burning Man

See also: Burning Man Is Now A Millionaire’s Game Next to the many hipsters, hippies, rich kids, soul searchers and other twenty-something visitors of the world’s most well-known festival, Burning Man also attracts its fair share of open minded parents who bring along their kids to share in the otherworldly Desert Rock experience of peace, love and zero currency. See also: The Missed Connections Of Burning Man A new mini-documentary now dives into the minds of the kids of Burning Man, asking kids and their parents on the playa at last year’s edition what it’s like to be there, touching on the ... Read more

Interview: Lee Burridge

Thanks in no small part to his Tyrant residency alongside Craig Richards, Lee Burridge has situated himself as a truly International DJ and one of the happiest guys in the game. Having honed his skills in Hong Kong and Thailand through the early 90’s, it wasn’t until Burridge returned to England when he would establish himself as a truly first-class DJ. Garnering special attention with his unexpected mix of house and breakbeats, two often juxtaposing styles of dance music that he would carefully balance during his sets, Lee’s eclectic and diverse range of styles has now seen him play on ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Ataxia

Relocating from Detroit to New York, Ataxia is a producer & DJ duo composed of Ted Krisko and Eric Ricker. We present their mix in collaboration with the Boom Room. Ataxia, better known as a medical term for a loss of muscle coordination, is how the duo defines the nature of their music. Recently released was their well-received Visa V on Connaisseur Recordings. In early 2016, the group will return to Leftroom Records, where their international release career began. Alongside their activities in the studio, Ataxia perform at some of North America’s best clubs, such as Standard Rooftop in Downtown LA, ... Read more

These Animated Photographs Of Burning Man Are Works Of Art

Ari Fararooy made his second trip down to Burning Man last year and documented the supposedly life-changing festival in Black Rock, Nevada. After watching the photos he made, Fararooy decided he wanted to bring them to life through digital animation techniques, trying to illustrate his surreal experiences at the festival. And the results are pretty incredible. [vimeo id=”154562935″ width=”620″ height=”360″] Source: Ari Fararooy

Dream Job Offer: Project Manager For Burning Man

Remember that dream job as tropical island caretaker that went on offer back in 2009? There’s a new job opening that millions will want to stick their teeth into, only this one isn’t for the flora and fauna enthusiasts, more so for the veteran, big-production festival visitor; because the federal US government is looking for a festival project manager. Burning Man, to be exact. The Bureau of Land Management wants to hire a new Burning Man project to handle desk duties for the a salary somewhere between $69,500 and $90,300 a year. Although you will be traveling frequently, the position is based ... Read more

GoPro Falls Of Drone, Lands In Middle Off Epic Burning Man Party

In a failed attempt to make some great drone footage of Black Rock City, the nickname of the expansive Burning Man Festival site, the owner actually got even better footage in return after his GoPro camera fell off the drone only to land right in the middle of a pumping, ecstatic dance floor. The video footage shows the GoPro being picked up by a Burner immediately after landing on the dance floor, after which the camera is quickly passed on between different visitors, resulting in some hilarious and amazing footage. See also: The Missed Connections Of Burning Man The track you hear playing is ... Read more

The Missed Connections Of Burning Man

A few months ago we highlighted some of the “Missed Connections” that went down in Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival. With the general hilarity of that find, we jumped at the chance to see what the Burning Man faithful were up to post burn….and, to our (non) surprise, Craigslist’s slew of examples for a love-that-could-have-been are plentiful, hilarious, and oh so Burning Man. See also: The Missed Connections Of Electric Daisy Carnival While the EDC ads leaned more towards the skeavy and creepy, Burning Man’s offers a delightful insight into the complicated mind of the elusive burner, a different species ... Read more

Nevada Police Promise Arrests At Burning Man

With Burning Man rapidly approaching, the Nevada State Sheriff department has issued a disturbing warning to festival goers in the form of an arrest promise. With a new Sheriff in town, the Pershing County authorities are determined to punish “non-violent” crime en masse. In a conversation with the Associated Press, Sheriff Jerry Allen said, “We don’t have the personnel to issue citations to 70,000 naked people on the playa, but we will be upholding the law to the best of our ability.” In previous years, former sheriff Richard Machado was known to employ a hands off approach to the festival, ... Read more

Burning Man Troubled By Insect Plague

Last year Burning Man was flooded by heavy rain, which meant the world-famous festival had to be postponed. Last night saw loads of Twitter posts surfacing that detailed a flood of a different kind that is troubling Burning Man and its visitors at the moment: bugs. “[..] Heather wears a welding mask most of the day. Bugs have crawled up inside her visor and nestled around her eyes” Bugs on the playa this year. Not normal. Shouldn’t a dust storm knock them out? Like Burningman wasn’t gross enough. pic.twitter.com/pkLrdUy25q — khloe morris (@khloestarr) August 18, 2015 It’s fairly strange that the hundreds of ... Read more