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You Can (Finally) Turn Your Butt Into A Musical Instrument

This one goes out to all the twerkers out there. Your shaking butt can now be turned into a musical instrument with the latest unprecedented advancement in musical technology, The Booty Drum. Designed as a collaboration between headphone company AIAIAI, Buraka Som Sistema‘s Branko, professional ass shaker Twerk Queen Louise, and Dutch design company Owow, the mission of The Booty Drum project (or Real Booty Music) is to explore, “whether it’s possible to change the perception of twerking through placing it in a technology-driven, creative context.” Owow describes the project in depth as, “The Booty Drum is a device that records movement through accelerometers ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with Amine Edge

Amine Edge, Gangster DJ from the dance scene, is playing coming sunday at Straf_werk Festival. This time without his fellow mate DANCE. His image as a badboy with guns in pictures and showing off as a gangster, is that really how Amine is? We had a little chat with him to find out! ‘Shit with this fucking interview everyone will finally know that I am a nice guy’ How did you come up with the name Amine Edge? When I was young my DJ name was awful (I’ll keep it secret, lol) I needed to change it. It was really ... Read more