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DHA Mix #372 By Paula Tape

Paula Tape is a woman inspired by passion and curiosity for all arts and, above all, music. It is a passaion that has inspired her to relocate from her native Santiago de Chile, where she grew up as a drummer in a few metal and indie-electro bands, to DJ whilst studying fashion design at University. Living between Barcelona and Milan, she has since devoted herself full time to this primary passion, continuing to explore electronic sounds and following her natural inclination to dig for hidden gems. This opened her ears to Italo & more experimental influences, and after some research, created her ... Read more

Ricardo Villalobos Announces New Collaborative EP With Umho

Drumma Records turns 5 with a very special offering from Ricardo Villalobos and Umho (aka Ricmho). The two unique electronic music personalities with join forces in celebaration of their home country of Chile, with “Melo de Melo,” marking the first time the two will release a collaborative EP. Released on vinyl, the two tracks were created last winter in Berlin during the duo’s winter tour, the sounds here are rhythmic and textural microworlds combined with unrivalled syncopation and evocative melodies beholding fundamental traits of the Latin American continent’s culture and integral elements of this duo’s musical language. “Melo de Melo” ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Masaya

Producer, DJ and label owner, Claudia Ayala likes playing with words in the same manner she manipulates sound. Her pseudonym Masaya refers to her surname, Ayala and also attests to her will to push forwards and explore the electronic world as “mas alla” means “further” in Spanish, which is the mother tongue of this young Swiss miss, originally from Chilli but established in Lausanne since the tender age of 2. From 2005 Claudia Ayala started producing and following a handful of EPs on labels such as NUM, Perspectiv or Tulipa, she decided to create her own stable: Mina Records. “Mina” ... Read more