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DHA Mix #317 + Interview By Yang Bing

Yang Bing has been an integral force in defining the underground sound of Beijing with his signature fat bass and funky tech-house sound. The first Chinese DJ to play in Europe, Yang Bing began DJing in 1995 when the city had no clubs playing electronic music, and commercial pop music dominated the scene. A true renaissance man of the scene, Yang Bing’s role in developing electronic music awareness in his home country includes everything from organising the mainland’s first rave’s, its famous China Pump Party concept, epic events on the Great Wall, to a nationally touring festival concept and beyond. ... Read more

ADE Bridges The Wall Between China’s Underground And The West

This year, the 2017 edition of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will feature a strong focus on the exploding underground dance scene of China – one of the world’s most promising (and rising) markets. With a full programme – Mai Music Presents: Bridging The Wall – Unveiling China’s Dance Scene – the leading Chinese dance organization will present itself across disciplines for an in-depth look at the current and future climate of the market. Members from the Chinese and Dutch dance scene come together to give fans an intimate look into how the scene has developed in China over the last ... Read more

Behind The Great Wall: The Chinese Underground In 2016

Techno in China, where to begin! The genre is globally widespread as we all know, even in the far reaches of the biggest country of the world: The People’s Republic of China. Although the scene is by far not as developed as it is here, it is growing and expanding evermore. Here’s a look into the current state of affairs of house music in China. This year, spring 2016 I did a second China DJ tour. I visited Hong Kong and consequently played in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Kunming, Dali, Chengdu again and I ended with a show in Bangkok for a ... Read more

China’s Great Wall To Host Underground Music Festival

China’s Great Wall has been the site of many things over the years. With construction dating back to 700 BC, it is one of the world’s most recognised structures, and the only one man-made visible from the stratosphere.  The wall has acted as a defence between ancient warring factions, as well as a preeminent tourist destination and cultural landmark. Now, underground electronic music venue can be added to that list. As a country, China is mostly associated with the sounds of EDM, but with a population over 1 billion, it is only natural to find pockets of the citizenry who indulge in the more underground side of electronic music. ... Read more