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Guy Sells His Turntables After Seeing Antal Play At De School

Now that’s what we call being brutally honest with yourself. A seller on Marktplaats, Holland’s Craigslist, has put his two Technics SL1210 MK2’s up for sale, and for a very specific reason. Not the usual “I don’t have time to play them anymore” or “I’m only playing CDJ’s now” were decisive in his choice to sell, but rather seeing Antal, Rush Hour record store co-founder and local DJ veteran, play his all-nighter at De School last weekend. See also: RUSH HOUR: THE PHILOSOPHY BEHIND AMSTERDAM’S LANDMARK RECORD SHOP Translated from Dutch, the advert text from seller ‘Huilen’ (to cry in Dutch) ... Read more

The First Responses To De School: Can It Live Up To The Hype?

Yesterday night saw the opening of De School, the unofficial successor to Club Trouw, exactly one year after Amsterdam’s clubbing Mecca closed its doors. The hype surrounding the club was sizeable to say the least, with tickets for the opening and every other event scheduled for the coming weeks selling out within a matter of minutes after going online.  So, can De School fill the void that Trouw has left behind? The short answer is yes. If we are to believe ex-Trouw resident JP Enfant, whom we spoke to for this item, and the select group of ticket holders, this might be that new ... Read more

First Details And Name Of New Club By Former Trouw Staff Announced

‘De School’, that is the name that will be given to the club initiated by some of the former staff of Club Trouw. The information comes from an official statement of the Amsterdam municipality on the issuing of new 24-hour licenses to nightclubs in the city. A disused school building, the former Iedersland, located in the Western part of Amsterdam, is pointed to as the designated location for their new club endeavour.  The club will be situated in the old bicycle storage area of Iedersland. The space is said to offer entry  to around 500 visitors. The licensing process, and the process to obtain a ... Read more

Horizon & Kaap A’dam Preparing Summer Season Finale @ Woodstock

Horizon and Kaap A’dam, two event organizers from the Amsterdam scene with a knack for up-and-coming & extraordinary artists, are touching down on the beloved Woodstock beach venue in Bloemendaal for one of the final, sun-laden summer celebrations under the musical guidance of three superbly selected acts, including revered Trouw resident Job Jobse, all-round selector Mr. Ties and disco/italo fanatics duo Discodromo. Horizon has been around for a couple of years now, profiling themselves as an underground haven for eclectic DJs who are impossible to pigeonhole. Like Iranian-born resident Reza Athar who has been shaking up the scene via Horizon’s ... Read more

Plans To Open New Club In Trouw’s Basement

Amsterdam clubbers who’ve been shedding a tear since the closing of Trouw can maybe find a bit of solace. Because news has just come out that The Student Hotel, the organization that will be exploiting the Trouw building and the adjacent Parool tower to focus on student housing, has plans to turn the basement of the Trouw building – known as De Verdieping in the Club Trouw era – into a nightlife venue once more. Related: Seth Troxler handling a nuisance on the telephone in Trouw’s office Felix Hillen, managing director of The Student Hotel, says that the plan is ... Read more