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This Programme Turns Your Pictures Into Song Lyrics

Discover Giorgio Cam. A programme built by two friends, inspired by their musical hero Giorgio Moroder, which allows you to an make music by turning your pictures into song lyrics and then rhyming them. Eric Rosenbaum and Yotam Mann, two friends at Google Creative Lab, who define themselves as coders/musicians describe the programme as an experiment built with machine learning. With machine learning computer is able to recognise and identify the image using image recognition and speech synthesis to turn it into song lyrics. Unsurprisingly, it features synth-full melodies by Giorgio Moroder. However you can expand and experiment with the ... Read more

Amsterdam Dance Event Announces First Industry Hackathon

With innovation at the forefront of the dance and festival scene, ADE has announced its partnership wth DGTL and Young Creators for the first every dance industry ADE Hackathon. Though further details and programme notes have yet to be announced, it is the need for discovery that drives ADE Hackathon’s three partners, especially as the electronic music scene utilizes data and technology with ever increasing urgency. At the event, developers, designers and entrepreneurs are ponder the challenges the dance industry faces, as well as the opportunities data and technology provide. 100 selected participants will be invited to develop concept, apps, ... Read more