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DHA Mix #400 By Christian S.

Christian S is one who mixes the past, present, and future of Dance Music. Honing his craft since the mid-90s, Christian’s DJ travels have taken him all over the world, from Europe to Mexico City, Los Angeles, Moscow, Buenos Aires, and beyond where strange music and off-the-beaten-path parties – reflecting by his own rare, Cologne-based underground parties, as well as his appearances at Düsseldorf’s, Salon Des Amateurs. As a Producer, Christian S’ productions have been injected intriguing rhythms into the underground with remixes of Little Dragon, JMII and Colder, as well as original singles on Cómeme. Keep an eye out for his next release, ... Read more

Forgotten Genres: Microhouse

Tamagotchis, yo-yos, dreams of becoming a healthy, functioning adult… like a grown-up child clearing out the attic of their parental home in search of abandoned but formerly beloved things, we’re delving into the dusty annals of dance music history to dig out the once-cherished genres that time and iTunes forgot. What: microhouse Where: Germany – Frankfurt and Cologne (and also, obviously, Berlin). When: late 90s – mid 00s. Microhouse, eh? Remember that? For a while in the late 90s and early to mid noughties, microhouse, everyone’s favourite maligned neologism and genuinely legitimate musical sub-genre was, you know, a thing. Though ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Michael Mayer

He has been ahead of the game ever since most of us were still playing with Lego. In the nineties he boldly hurled a modest record label into the atmosphere that would soon turn out to be one of the world’s leading, genre-defying labels: Kompakt. Next to co-running the Cologne imprint, Michael Mayer is also a formidable DJ and producer who over the years has never shied away of carrying out his most personal musical ambitions, rejecting cheap hits and easy wins. Even so, he still accomplishes to travel the globe every weekend from gig to gig. Saying that he ... Read more