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Henry Saiz Launches World-Traveling Audio Visual Project

Essentially an audio visual album, Henry Saiz has turned to Kickstarter to help fund the ambitious new project. The album is meant to be written in various exotic locales across the globe, drawing inspiration while also providing the visual elements of the film component. Some of the locations Saiz looks to travel to are Joshua Tree, Tokyo, and the Canary Islands. As Saiz describes the visual component, “[the film] is not simply a making-of, but a visual journey including music videos that will help listeners delve deeper into the meaning of the album,” and will be a combination of documentary ... Read more

This Easy To Use Synth For Two Makes Music Production Truly Social

Aimed at everyone (age 3-99), Dato DUO is a Dutch designed synth meant for two. With a gritty sounding synthesizer and a flashy sequencer, the easy to use synth is an approachable way for two to play and learn music together. The idea behind Dato DUO is for one person to play a melody on the sequencer while another adds sounds on the synth side with limited chance for error. By easy to use, the Dato Duo not only offers an easily navigable interface but also allows for any music to be played in key, using a pentatonic keyboard. As ... Read more

The Future Of Album Art Is Fully Interactive With Whitestone

If you’ve ever been less than enthusiastic about the album art accompanying your online downloads, never fear because a new service is changing the way we interact with the visuals of online music. Whitestone, essentially acts like a social network, where users are able to follow friends, favourite artists, or websites in order to receive an updated stream of what is being listened to much like Soundcloud’s personal stream. What is revolutionary about Whitestone, however, is its platform where artists are able to release complete, full screen audio/visual experiences to accompany their work. By giving listeners access to touch gestures, ... Read more