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Take Your Beat Anywhere With This Cardboard DIY Drum Kit

Design company Obilab has turned to Kickstarter with a prototype drum kit aimed to minimize many of the limitations of learning percussion. By creating a drum kit (kick drum pedal and stool, hi-hat, snare and toms) entirely out of a cardboard frame, rice and tuned fiber glass drum surfaces that can fit into a single box, Obilab’s kit is perfect for DIY musicians, buskers, music teachers, and, of course, kids. The item can come in three different versions: an acoustic original version that plays at 10x times quieter than traditional drum kits; an electric version that allows for silent play ... Read more

Crowdfunding Started To Stop Burning Man Attendees Returning To Bay Area

With less than 3 weeks left until the annual bohemian pilgrimage to the Nevada desert that is Burning Man, one San Francsico man has proposed crowdfunding a 300 mile wall around the technology capital with the aim of keeping the returning Bay Area privileged from returning. By creating Megagogo, an obvious play on Indiegogo, the comedic creative agency Culitivated Wit wants to create a, “funding platform for large-scale infrastructure”. The agency’s co-founder, Brian Janosch explains that the week between August 30 – September 7 is the only time that San Franciscoans don’t have to hear about Burning Man. With that in mind, Janosch explains that, “It was an obvious conclusion…to try ... Read more

Doppler Labs Introducing Earbuds For Real World Volume Control

Doppler Labs, a young design technology firm focused on creating “wearable, immersive and human tech”, has collected a $17 million from investors this week after an already successful crowdfunding campaign for their profound new project “Here”. The popularity of the concept is pretty understandable, as Here could be one of the most groundbreaking inventions of the decade. It’s already being called a ‘superhuman hearing device’. What Here allows you to do is essentially ‘bionic hearing’: you insert the Here buds in your ears, they’re wirelessly connected to a smartphone app which acts as the remote control. From here you can ... Read more