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Ableton Launches New Video Series Highlighting Creative Approaches Across Art

Entitles ONE THING – Ableton has launched a new 13 part video series highlighting the unique approaches individual artists have toward their craft. As any artists is prone to the occasional creative block, these bit sized videos gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the creative mind, workshops, sweat and all as they traverse their inner methods for their respective method. Featuring a handful of electronic musisicans, including the likes of Daedelus and Kyoka, as well asinput from sound engineers, producers, and composers, the secrets shared are sure to find relevance for everyone, beginner to ... Read more

Ableton Announces Loop 2016 Conference Program

Launched in 2015, Loop is three days of performances, talks and interactive workshops aimed at exchanging ideas at the cutting edge of music, technology and creative practice. A collection of artists, technologists, educators and other creative thinkers, Loop explores what it is to make music today and the possibilities for its future by focusing on the intersection of music, technology and creative practice. Taking place across three days from November 4-6 at Berlin’s historic Funkhaus venue. The diverse program features talks, presentations, performances, intimate studio sessions, hands-on workshops and much more. Names that will appear at Loop 2016 include the ... Read more

Editorial: Are Computers Instruments?

How many times have you had to defend your music taste in a bar to people who just do not understand dance music? I certainly have. I’ve heard people argue that DJ’s are not playing instruments. And truthfully, not all of them do. DJing is a different talent, one that us in this community admire; however, musicians of the old school rock and roll mentality resist this. Of course DJs and producers are not necessarily the same thing, many in this day and age are pressured to do both. In this way there is a growing musicality coming back into ... Read more