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Six More People Hospitalized After Taking Strong ‘UPS’ Pill

This weekend six more people in the UK have been hospitalized after taking the notorious UPS ecstasy pills. The pills, which are reportedly only still in circulation in the UK, have an extremely high dosage of MDMA and are three times as strong as regular tablets. Some pills even carry 275 mg of MDMA. A statement by police authorities read that multiple clubbers fell ill at The Medicine Bar in Middlesbrough after taking the tablets. The pills don’t cause harm the way, PMA pills would. This doesn’t mean that the effects are not alarming. Users experience extreme overheating, so the ... Read more

Why The Superman Pill Has Resurfaced – And What To Do About It

With 2015 having barely begun, we’re already hearing some unfortunate news again regarding bad drugs. According to the Guardian, two people have died in the UK with a third person hospitalized after taking the notorious Superman pill, which has resurfaced again after causing numerous deaths last year. Last year we, and many other dance music outlets reported drug deaths due to a PMA pill being sold as MDMA. The dose is ten times stronger than MDMA, and with effects that kick in far later than that of MDMA, the PMA pills are very easy to o.d. on – especially if ... Read more