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DHA Mix #322 BY NTFO

Bursting onto the scene in January 2010 with the release of their first vinyl album, NTFO has since found a home on the likes of Diynamic, 8 bit, and their own Sintope Vinyl Series. Boasting many of the scene’s biggest names as supporters, the Romanian duo now releases on the likes of Objektivity and (upcoming) 20/20 Vision with a re-focused musical identity. This new direction has landed NTFO on the esteemed Air London roster, which also boasts acts like Bill Patrick, Subb-an, Thomas Melchior & others. Hosting their own daytime/nightime event series at Timisoara, Romania’s brand new underground club database, ... Read more

World Record Shop Database VinylHub Relaunches

After 15 years, 6 million records, and 4 million artists, Discogs has undertaken the task of documenting the world’s record shops with its online database Vinylhub. As a project that launched a year ago, Vinylhub is a user generated database for cataloguing every record shop, fair, and pop-up location around the world. Currently, with over 4000 listings across, North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, the brick and mortar aspect of the vinyl resurgence can provide a en alternative to its digital counterpart. The crowd sourced site is quite easy to use, and even easier to navigate. With ... Read more

Get Hypnotised By This Amazing Coloured Vinyl Database

Developed by one Birtalan Laszlo, a comprehensive new site has popped up dedicated to the visual delight of the coloured vinyl record. With a well organised archive of over a thousand examples (growing by the day in a participatory fashion), it’s not only one of the most extensive online collections of coloured records, it’s also far and away the most accessible (not to mention, aesthetically pleasing), allowing users to search by colour, size, genre, style, artist, label and release year.  If that wasn’t enough, it also allows for ordering capability via Discogs. Also featuring picture discs, collectors items and special pressings, it’s ... Read more