Premiere: Jan Blomqvist - Winter Roads (Extended Mix)

Berlin’s Jan Blomqvist is represents everything musically artistic from a solo artist and bandleader to all-around Producer. While he has proven to be the former through over 300 shows in Europe͛s most vibrant nightlife capitals, he validates the latter through his new, two-piece offering: ͚“Winter Roads” via Eelke Kleijn’s mint DAYS like NIGHTS. Both singles of the ͚package are as symphonic as any part of Vivaldi͛’s ͚The Four Seasons͛, starring impeccable arrangements and enchanting builds from where the tracks draw inspiration. The entire EP features thedelicate fusion of sounds that made Jan Blomqvist garner acclaim as one of the most ... Read more

DHA Mix #283 By Eelke Kleijn

A rare and singular talent, Eelke Kleijn’s music stretches from stretches from film scores to deep live shows and incredibly well formed productions. A true modern day composer, this Rotterdam based music maker’s potential seemingly has no bounds. With a career consistently in acceleration mode, Eelke Kleijn has released music everywhere from Sony to Eskimo Recordings to Suara, while scoring such film’s as Parker, The Crossing, Wrath of the Titans, and This Means War. Recently, he has launched his new imprint DAYS like NIGHTS, which features his latest EP “The Terminal” (a track which can be heard on this mix), ... Read more