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Buenos Aires To Ban Electronic Music Festivals Following Time Warp Deaths

With the recent deaths at Buenos Aires’ Time Warp festival, the Argentine capital is putting a temporary ban on all music festival’s effective immediately. 5 death and 4 others landed in critical condition during 15 April Time Warp festival, each attributed to drug overdoses. With that, the city’s mayor¬†Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, says it will stop issuing permits for big electronic music festivals until new legislation relating to drug use¬†is formed. Aside from the drug overdoses, patrons also complained that the festival was over sold, while also providing poor ventilation. Since, five people have been arrested. UPDATE: As of 29 April, ... Read more

Company Presses Records Holding Ashes Of Your Loved Ones

No this not a weird joke. But ‘And Vinyly’, a UK-based company, does have pretty morbid business model: pressing actual vinyl records that holds the ashes of your loved on. “Live on from beyond the groove” And Vinyly’s home page says the company offers “the chance to press your ashes in a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations.” Clients can press records from the ashes of “people, pets and parts”. Although we’re not sure what they mean with ‘parts’ here, it’s evident that And Vinyly takes its job seriously and have come up with a range of ... Read more