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Mix #135 By Philip Chernikov

Next in our mixtape series is a young talent from Bulgaria, Philip Chernikov. Philip’s interest in electronic music came at the age of 14, when he started listening to DJs like Danny Tenaglia and Victor Calderone. Due to growing up in a small city, where electronic music doesn’t have a strong presence, he soon started partying in bigger cities nearby, where he was discovering the magic and diversity of the electronic music world. Fascinated by the music, the DJ culture, and curious about how it all happens, he started learning how to use DJ-software and after years of hard work it finally ... Read more

Mix #083 by Navid Izadi

New mix! Hailing from San Fransisco, Navid Izadi brings multiple  genres together in his tracks. His list of influences always resonating through his productions. But his creative output doesn’t stop there. Besides Dj’ing and producing groovy tracks Navid Izadi has done a few vocal features on tracks from the likes of Soul Clap and PillowTalk. He  writes all of the lyrics himself, by the way. His Feelin’ Purple EP, which was released on Wolf+Lamb Records, is the outcome of Izadi’s broad variation of influences. The catchy title track has a nu-disco meets mellow funk feeling on it and his vocals ... Read more

A Day At The Park Podcast #002 By Maximiljan

This week we proudly announce the second podcast in collaboration with A Day At The Park is made by Maximiljan In just a few years Maximiljan has risen through the ranks as a DJ as well as a producer. With releases like “ Bodymovin” and “Ol Dirty” he has been sizzling the clubs, from London to Ibiza, to Berlin and Warsaw. He has gained support from colleagues like Huxley Anja Schneider and Karotte. When not working on solo-projects, he’s collaborating with his long-time partner Tapesh. Together they have made several EP’s. Their last one, “Feelings”, which has just been released contains some pretty ... Read more

Review: Solomun – Yes, No, Maybe EP

A new Solomun. With Mladen being the headmaster of the star-team that is called Diynamic, it is only logical that every move this man makes is looked at with extra care. And so having to review his new ''Yesnomaybe'' EP, the 65th release on the label, was going to be a challenge. Because a logical consequence of Diynamic's becoming so big as a platform would be that music released there would be increasingly commercial and perhaps even cheap. Furthermore, looking at the course this Hamburg-based label has set out, it seemed to me that this release would have indie/disco-house written ... Read more

Podcast Special by Voices of Black

Voices of Black is an American duo consisting of Jules Born Randolph and Baba Doherty. Randolph and Doherty met in high school and began recording music together as teenagers. After spending a few years touring Europe, Latin America and the US as DJs, the 23 year olds are ready to establish themselves as an original live act. Unique is how to describe this group of talented young fellas got inspired by beautiful woman and Fashion for their album ‘Plastic dolls’, an experimental album where camera clicks, crowd noises, catwalk runways and interviews with nice models all put together and used ... Read more

Mix #026 by Candlehouse

Sometimes in life bad things happen to you and you don’t see why this could ever be a good thing for you in the future. This happened to Juan Carlos Hermoza Rios a.k.a. Candlehouse. He was always in the water body boarding and this was his most fulfilling activity until at one day he broke his ankle during one of his body boarding sessions by hitting a rock really badly. This brought him in a position where he couldn’t do any sports for a long time. For us this resulted in something good, because Juan decided to start playing music and ... Read more