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Degustibus Music Gems Selected By Rubini

Founded in 2011, Degustibus Music is a low key collective with a quality over quantity approach reinforced by a distinct visual style. The collective is comprised of a quartet of mysterious musical figures, Fango, Batongo, Ditongo, and Rubini. The label’s ethos draws from the Latin, “De gustibus non est disputandum”, or “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”. With a sole focus on its individual artists, each with the own unique vision and approach to sound, Degustibus Music is one of the few labels out there able to create a complete landscape of sound resulting in heavily support ... Read more

Fango Returns With Full Length Sophomore Album ‘GEA’

After a steady stream of successful underground dance-floor stables via his Viscera EP series and last year climbing charts with his remixes, Fango returns with his second album titled “GEA”. “GEA” is a 10-track trip of eclectic electronica panning across various moods and tempos. Flexing his matured production credits, Fango fuses rock, disco and psychedelic influences, meticulously put together on his machines resulting in a spectrum of sounds to satisfy most palettes. With early fans of the release including Hunee, Mano Le Tough and Axel Boman to name a few, GEA is out now on Fango’s home label, Degustibus Music. ... Read more

Premiere: Fango – Cortex (Original Mix)

Fango’s got another body defying ‘Viscera 2/3‘ EP via Degustibus Music. After the first chapter through the interior organs, he turns his attention to a sliced up, deranged take on the cortex of the central nervous system. With that said, here comes Cerebellum, Nervum and Cortex, three delicate operations of surgery on the inner workings of Fango’s head. His previous release ‘Rectum’ on Viscera 1/3 received strong support from artists such as Laurent Garnier, Dixon, Mano Le Tough, Tale of Us, Solomun, and Gilles Peterson – and was a huge summer hit. The second round of his three part release conceives on the physicality of music – ... Read more