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The Sonic Bed Is Isolation At Its Finest

Sound artist Kaffe Matthews contribution to her ongoing Music for Bodies research project is an immersive Sonic Bed. Described by Matthews as, “These [beds], with speakers immersed in their upholstery, create situations that transform the listening experience for the sitter into a stimulating and sensual massage, turning ‘weird’ or ‘boring’ music into something meaningful. All kinds of people would queue for hours, have very different experiences and talk of the musical as well as physical and psychological sensations they have had afterwards.” The bed is similar to an isolation chamber, with a 12 channel high fidelity speaker system embedded throughout ... Read more

Amsterdam Dance Event Announces First Industry Hackathon

With innovation at the forefront of the dance and festival scene, ADE has announced its partnership wth DGTL and Young Creators for the first every dance industry ADE Hackathon. Though further details and programme notes have yet to be announced, it is the need for discovery that drives ADE Hackathon’s three partners, especially as the electronic music scene utilizes data and technology with ever increasing urgency. At the event, developers, designers and entrepreneurs are ponder the challenges the dance industry faces, as well as the opportunities data and technology provide. 100 selected participants will be invited to develop concept, apps, ... Read more

Introducing toc, The Retro Styled Vertical Record Player

The vertical record player designed by industrial designer Roy Harpaz is one for vinyl lovers, who also cherish a slick design. The record player, named toc, is something of a tribute to Sony’s iconic PS-F5 Flamingo from the 1980’s. Of course, many of you will criticise that it is not for DJing and (also, of course) the Technics SL-1200 is above all when it comes to turntables, especially in dance music,  but this standup player is one for the eye, packed with loads of features. See also: Music Instrument Center’s Best Record Player The player works with a linear tracking system to capture ... Read more