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This Thread Proves Electronic Music Fans Have Always Been Complaining

With all the great things that dance music has to offer there is also comes much internal drama. To be fair, much of this drama is not exclusive to issues of electronic music. Fans have been calling artists sell outs ever since music and business collided, but in the electronic scene there is a particular angst amongst many of its figures:EDM vs underground; RA vs DJ mag; digital vs. vinyl, and that’s just the beginning. With that, a recent Reddit thread caught our eye, in that it proves that we may have been bitching about the exact same things for ... Read more

Interview: Enzo Siragusa

By Ian MacKenzie Enzo Siragusa is something of an institution in London’s expansive nightlife scene. With his FUSE night and imprint (as well as its sister, Infuse), Enzo Siragusa quickly built up an intensely loyal following, evolving its own unique dub-house sound which the FUSE faithful call ‘Fusic’, pushing Enzo’s sound worldwide along with other reputable labels who have come calling for his production and remix talent, including tracks This & That and Welt Recordings. Enzo is not only a Londoner, though, he is also very much in-demand DJ across the globe, with notable gigs for ENTER, Circo Loco, and ... Read more

Take the Audio Quality Quiz

If there’s one thing distinguishing digital DJs from DJs working with Vinyl or CD it is the sound quality. This is at least what many people will tell you. We have a quiz for you to tell how well you can hear differences in audio quality. For all of you who don’t know at all what I’m talking about. Here is a quick introduction to audio files and bitrates. There are two groups of audio files out there. Lossless audio and lossy audio. Lossless audio files are the files that are used as masters. They can be uncompressed or compressed, but their compression ... Read more

DGTL Stages Part 2: Digital & Crew Love

Only 58 more days to go until DGTL Festival 2014 will take place in Amsterdam during the Easter weekend. Be there when some of the most acknowledged organizations in the industry will send their finest underground electronica soldiers into the battlefields at the NDSM Docklands. Armed with some of the most contagious weapons of mass eruption, the artists are equipped to come, see and conquer – not only your oozy auditory canals, but also that hidden place in your brain where you store the most exceptional memories. Located on the waterfront of the city harbour, DGTL Festival has chosen the perfect ... Read more