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Apps Of The Month: July 2016

From Discogs finally on Android to a new music discovery tool, we took a look at some of the top apps and updates over the month of July 2016. This month we see apps for iOS and Android and, for the first time, we also see Virtual Reality in the mix. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past month were. Discogs | Android Already available for iOS, Discogs mobile app has now been released for Android. Simply, scan a barcode with your phone’s camera, or manage a search results by swiping to add or delete ... Read more

Trackstack Makes Crate-Digging Virtual With New iOS App

Described as “a simple, productive, and immersive digital crate digging tool for your favourite retailer,” the new app Trackstack aims to digitally recreate the experience of vinyl collecting. Linked to Beatport and allowing users to swipe through releases, listen to snippets, and categorize, the app looks to make the experience of record searching through your phone easier. Though referrals to Soundcloud, Discogs, and various social media is possible, currently Trackstack only supports the Beatport catalogue for the actual purchasing of tracks, although they promise to add more retailers soon (as well as an Android version) For now, find the app ... Read more

Discogs iOS App Finally Lands

Starting Monday, the internet’s preeminent domain for vinyl record collectors, Discogs, is going mobile. With the long-awaited release of their mobile application, Discogs has finally taken the plunge, moving out of Beta testing and inviting the general public access to its extensive database. The app itself (which will be available for iOS, with an Android version announced for the future) is fairly easy to navigate. Simply, scan a barcode with your phone’s camera, or manage a search results by swiping to add or delete to your wish list. Also, any given LP’s marketplace pricing is prominent, for better or worse. ... Read more

The 10 Most Wanted House Records On Discogs Right Now

Recently we reported on a possible reissue of one of the releases from Black Cock, the half-serious disco edit imprint set up by DJ Harvey and Gerry Rooney. The reason for this were the “silly prices” that some people were asking for the various Black Cock editions offered on Discogs – some of which go as high as 500 euros.  See also: Black Cock Records Might Get Reissue In general Discogs terms, this is really nothing new: in recent years people have numbed to the odd skyrocketing price tag that comes along with rare VA’s or mint condition first pressings of legendary records. That’s why we ... Read more

World Record Shop Database VinylHub Relaunches

After 15 years, 6 million records, and 4 million artists, Discogs has undertaken the task of documenting the world’s record shops with its online database Vinylhub. As a project that launched a year ago, Vinylhub is a user generated database for cataloguing every record shop, fair, and pop-up location around the world. Currently, with over 4000 listings across, North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, the brick and mortar aspect of the vinyl resurgence can provide a en alternative to its digital counterpart. The crowd sourced site is quite easy to use, and even easier to navigate. With ... Read more

Get Hypnotised By This Amazing Coloured Vinyl Database

Developed by one Birtalan Laszlo, a comprehensive new site has popped up dedicated to the visual delight of the coloured vinyl record. With a well organised archive of over a thousand examples (growing by the day in a participatory fashion), it’s not only one of the most extensive online collections of coloured records, it’s also far and away the most accessible (not to mention, aesthetically pleasing), allowing users to search by colour, size, genre, style, artist, label and release year.  If that wasn’t enough, it also allows for ordering capability via Discogs. Also featuring picture discs, collectors items and special pressings, it’s ... Read more