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DHA FM Mix #420 By Manfredas

Manfredas. The name packs a hefty punch. After years spent amassing knowledge as a radio DJ, he took his talents to the club, where he’s been convincing the unconvinced ever since.  Manfredas has a serious gift for throwing his every physical move hammering home the strength of his musical convictions. From the unique way he palms the jog wheel, to the ardent torque of his dancing, music feels a little more impactful in his midst. Manfredas’ ascent has been aided by musical cult leaders enthusiastically co-signing on his taste and talent.  As one of the key residents and programmers at Opium Club in ... Read more

Lente Kabinet: A Lesson In Experimentation

Experimentation is one of those fickle beasts within any creative scene. With subjective meanings juxtaposed against industry standards, as well as the ever-present search for acceptance and “cool”, it is an approach to creation that frequently gets lost in an interconnected system of artistry and promo. Many an artist (and brand) have found themselves on the cusp of experimentation, only to yield to the financial pressures of sponsorship, branding, and template, ultimately killing any artistic approach that once allowed for the very platform off which they once thrived. Mostly a result of financial stability, and the sirens call of corporate ... Read more

Traxsource Improves Functionality, Adds Features With New, Rebranded Site

The primary digital music destination – Traxsource – has just re launched their website with upgrades, additions, and more. Traxsource has always been a company run by DJs and made for DJs, not to mention the deep digging House music connoisseurs out there. With that, the new additions and re brand of its interface massively improve upon the original design, with many of the industry’s top names in agreement. Amongst the new additions, Traxsource has added: – Dropbox Integration for Downloads – Responsive Site Design – DJ Charts – New + Improved “My Traxsource” There are already more than 26,000 ... Read more

Opinion: The Democratisation of Music or What Happens Now Everyone’s a DJ?

New advancements in DJ and equipment are now hitting us on a daily basis. Pioneer has just this week released an iPhone version of their WeDJ app which allows users to play at being Carl Cox on the morning commute or make believe they’re Adam Beyer whilst on the bog. Of course, this progression was inevitable. Everybody wants to be a DJ and the technology available makes it easier and easier to become one. Where once you had to spend a load of cash on equipment and spend a load more time figuring out how it worked (without the help ... Read more

[Interview] Raving Iran And The Politics Of Censorship

In the midst of the 2016 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), where some 500 films find their way to eyes and sales across Europe, Susanne Regina Meures “Raving Iran” is enjoying a particulalry fond response. Currently ranked as one of the festival’s audience favorites, “Raving Iran” tells the story of Anoosh and Arash, two Tehran-based DJ’s at the center of the cities underground techno scene. Tired of hiding, the DJ duo organizes one last desert rave, but it does not come without the possibility of dangerous consequences. What happens next is a story of perseverance, creativity, and the kind of ... Read more

Bring Your Parents To School Day With Nastia

We all know those elementary school days: “take your parents to school” or “what your parents do” and the likes… I remember growing up in suburban New York, these days consistent of A LOT of bankers, stock brokers, financial figures, and other professions now responsible for the destruction of human decency, not to mention boring AS FUCK). Perhaps this is why Ukrainian DJ Nastia‘s DJ lesson to her third grade daughter’s class was so refreshing to me. Stay tuned for the multi part video, but Part one is below. On the lesson, Nastia described this first part as: Last friday ... Read more

Who’s The Most “Popular” DJ? Settle The Debate Once & For All

Partly owned by Slovenian Techno veteran UMEK, Viberate analyses Facebook, Twitter, and Songkick, ranking artists, labels, and venues across four distinct categories. Those categories – LOVE, MUSIC, PARTY, RESPECT – are meant to provide hard quantified data analysis from billions of data points across the web to effectively rank electronic music figures by genre, territory and a range of other sub categories. Breaking down the specifics of each category: LOVE: Quantifies social media engagement. MUSIC: Measures the performance of music content across streaming channels and music stores for artists and record labels. PARTY: Analyses the influence of events on artists and ... Read more

Start The Kids Off Young With This Interactive DJ Dinner Set

So, dinnertime may have become more eventful for those particularly picky young eaters out there. Why? Because Fred & Friends, a company who specializes in “puts a smile on your face and doesn’t cost a fortune,” has created a new cutlery set aimed at the fresh-out-the-womb aspiring DJ crowd, with a knife, spoon, fork (Spork 2.0???) tonearm, a spinning record plate, and twistable knobs for extra authenticity. For now, the set is priced at $28 and comes with no guarantee the little ones will eat their vegetables but, hey, at least its not a giant sync button platter. Buy it ... Read more

These New Haribo Gummies Look An Awful Lot Like XTC Pills

Haribo, the world famous German confectionary company, has launched their latest gummy sweets in Germany, and they are DJ themed…and look exactly like XTC. The sweets, called DJ Brause Sauer or “DJ Sherbert” (roughly) and comes with a “slight acidic taste”. The sweets themselves are larger than your “conventional” pill, and feature a thick sugar coating, which I’m assuming is the “fizz” aspect. The sweets colourful packaging features an anthrpomorphized gummy DJing on a setup that includes the sweets pressing, which are meant to represent the buttons on a turntable like play, pause, etc, and come in flavours from herbal ... Read more

Interview: Groove Armada

Millennials grew up with their time-abiding melodies. They combined the styles of house and trip hop with alluring vocals and the element of Andy’s trombone into what became a decade of their reign throughout the charts. They were one of the first, among Faithless, Moby, and Massive Attack, who established a dance music act playing with a live set up, and what is now widely exercised by artists like Bonobo, Caribou and Floating Points. But house music is where it all started for Groove Armada and back to its core they have come once again. Behind the name of this critically and commercially acclaimed dance music act, are two ultimate ... Read more

Armin Van Buuren: The Web’s Most Dangerous Celebrity

Armin Van Buuren has held many titles in his career but his latest one may be his most telling: the web’s most dangerous celebrity. Cyber criminals attempting to hack computers tend to attach viruses or malware to popular search terms, frequently using celebrity names, enabling them to steal passwords and personal information. With that, Armin becomes the third male to top the list in its 9 years, as well as the first electronic music act to do so (he was #2 in 2014). The list is put together by Intel security, who state on Armin: “…clicking on results generated by ... Read more

Take the Audio Quality Quiz

If there’s one thing distinguishing digital DJs from DJs working with Vinyl or CD it is the sound quality. This is at least what many people will tell you. We have a quiz for you to tell how well you can hear differences in audio quality. For all of you who don’t know at all what I’m talking about. Here is a quick introduction to audio files and bitrates. There are two groups of audio files out there. Lossless audio and lossy audio. Lossless audio files are the files that are used as masters. They can be uncompressed or compressed, but their compression ... Read more

With Chew, Let The World Watch You DJ

Describing itself as “Twitch for DJs,” a new British startup wants to do for dance music what Amazon’s subsidiary has done for gaming. Created by Wil Benton and Ben Bowler, Chew.tv broadcasts DJ sets to online audiences with cameras usually focused on the equipment.  As witnessing DJing frequently is not a riveting experience for viewers (at least, the bare bone mixing aspect), Chew.tv places its emphasis on the video side of what is otherwise a music streaming platform as users are expected to share video streams alongside audio. In just a few months, Chew has registered 4,000 DJs who have created more ... Read more

Congratulations, You Can Now “DJ” From Your Wrist

Algoriddim, a German company specialising in iOS platform mixing software, has recently launched the djay 2 app for the newly available Apple Watch, allowing users to select tracks, sync (obviously), and perform a basic mixing all from the comfort of your own forearm, further hammering the nail into the coffin of the analog turntable. Specifically, when Apple Watch is synced with an iPhone running the djay 2 iPhone app, users can access their iTunes or Spotify libraries, cue songs, loop and mix, view song information, play/pause, sync with the beat, crossfade, automix, add audio effects (echo, flanger, phaser, gate, reverse) and more. The djay ... Read more

DJ Tiesto Collapses After Hearing His Own Music For Too Long

The EDM world is in a state of turmoil after DJ Tiësto collapsed on stage last Friday night during a gig in San Jose (California), putting his American tour to an abrupt halt, leaving thousands of ticket holders in L.A. and San Diego disgruntled. The claims of the famed DJ hitting an LED-screen were suddenly abandoned when an investigation into the occurrence pointed out that Tiësto was actually physically and mentally drained by having to hear his music every single night. Dr. Rudolph Kaufman, who specializes in DJs that run a high risk of ‘ear-exhaustion‘ – also known as ‘EDM-fatigue‘ ... Read more