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Peep Show’s ‘Super Hans’ Is Gonna Start a DJ Career

Whoever has watched Peep Show, Channel 4’s highly successful pitch-black comedy about two flatmates and their bleak lives, ‘careers’ and romantic escapades, knows that one of its funniest side-characters is a guy called Super Hans. Super Hans, played by Matt King, is a nihilistic drug enthusiast and parttime musician that frequently drops by in the series, wreaking havoc in pretty much every situation he finds himself in. Even though the series ended late last year, the fanbase surrounding the show certainly didn’t. That’s why it comes as great news that Matt King has announced to be starting a DJ career this summer. Superhans DJing is ... Read more

Some Things Can’t Be Unseen: Bill Gates DJing

Last night Bill Gates and his wife Melinda were on Jimmy Fallon to promote ‘Gatesletter.com’, a new project of the Microsoft/charity titan couple through which they want to turn people to bettering the world through their personal ‘superpower’. Wanting to push their new project as best as possible, Bill Gates answers Fallon’s question on what he’d do to promote his new project with “anything“.  The production team at Fallon’s late night show obviously didn’t take that answer lightly, as what follows is a video where we see Bill, wearing a glorious pink sweater, placed behind the decks to do some DJing. Because ... Read more

Dutch ‘Tuna Knobs’ Invention Turn iPad Into Actual Controller

With iPads becoming a pretty serious alternative to midi controllers and other digital DJing equipment, it was about time to fix the tablet with some knobs – as rubbing your fingers across a screen just doesn’t really do the trick when you’re trying to rock a nice mix. A Dutch engineering student, however, has come up with the solution to the problem: the tuna knob. A kick-starter campaign by Dutchie Samuel Verburg had the goal to create actual knobs that stick to any touchscreen of your choosing in order to control your DJing app or any other music-making application like ... Read more