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US Vice President Petitioned To Amend RAVE Act

Back in 2002, then Senator now US Vice President, Joe Biden past the inafmous RAVE act in the United States. The legislation essentially disallowed any organization from actively testing drugs for content and purity on event grounds. So, organizations like DanceSafe, for example, could not provide their life saving services in a legal way. Of the decade-old legislation, Dancesafe says, “The original lawmakers apparently intended for the measure to be directed at event producers who were actively involved in selling drugs. However, the law has been interpreted by many event producers (and their lawyers and insurance companies) to mean that ... Read more

Buenos Aires To Ban Electronic Music Festivals Following Time Warp Deaths

With the recent deaths at Buenos Aires’ Time Warp festival, the Argentine capital is putting a temporary ban on all music festival’s effective immediately. 5 death and 4 others landed in critical condition during 15 April Time Warp festival, each attributed to drug overdoses. With that, the city’s mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, says it will stop issuing permits for big electronic music festivals until new legislation relating to drug use is formed. Aside from the drug overdoses, patrons also complained that the festival was over sold, while also providing poor ventilation. Since, five people have been arrested. UPDATE: As of 29 April, ... Read more