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Coachella: An Awkward (But Necessary) Conversation On Shame

Coachella is the staple music festival for most California festival goers: if you don’t go anymore it is almost surely where you started. With no age limit and two weekends of fun many young people go to experience their first festival event. For a lot of young people today experience goes hand in hand with experiment and, though the drug stigma in festival culture has been addressed before, it is time to shine a new light on this “taboo” subject and address what we are doing in the US by constantly shaming drug use. Yes, drugs are illegal. No, you are ... Read more

Leaked documents show UN to call for International drug decriminalisation

Sir Richard Branson, the CEO and founder of British multinational Virgin, made an incredible announcement on his company’s website yesterday, October 19. Branson states that the UN body tasked with drug crime, The UNODC, is about to release a statement that will call on all nations’ governments to put an end to the criminalisation of drug use and possession for personal consumption. He has made the claim after the BBC, himself “and others” supposedly received a document from the UNODC itself where the call for decriminalisation is made.  In the announcement on the Virgin website, Branson states: “It’s exciting that the UNODC has ... Read more

The Man Who Took 40.000 XTC Pills In His 20’s

A study from 2006 discovered by NY Mag revealed a pretty extraordinary case. Dr. Christos Kouimtsidis, of the London Psychiatry center had been studying a patien, mr. A., who had reported to be suffering from memory loss and limited mental capabilities. The answer to his issues were found pretty quickly however, as mr. A. declared to have been taking XTC at an alarming rate and quantity during his 20s. When he had to make an estimation on just how much XTC he had taken during this period, he came to a figure of 40.000 pills. See also: Full Study Mr. ... Read more

Multiple Drug Overdoses Force Australian Boat Rave To End Early

Last Sunday a boat party in Gold Coast, Australia was cut short in the afternoon when an alleged ‘liquid fantasy’ (GHB) drug binge by various visitors ended in overdoses and other complications, leaving at least two men hospitalized. This is now the second time the organization behind the event, ‘Dirty Funken Beats’ has made the news after its visitors were rushed to hospital after irresponsible drug behaviour during one of their parties.  After a Good Friday event back in April, DFB made headlines in Australia when six people were rushed to hospital – one person was in a coma while ... Read more