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Free Download: Bad Habits - Losses

‘Losses’ is the first track from Lithuanian duo Bad Habits. Described by its members Liudas Lazauskas and Titas Motuzas as “honest disco punks poetry from Vilnius” – the duo sing about their daily life in Lithuania in an age where their country’s lawmakers are focused on in banning things like dildos at public shops, alcohol on weekends and weed. There will be more from Bad Habits coming soon with a music video for this track and a first EP on the way. Here, the duo has provided the track as an exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD* DOWNLOAD * We ask for your ... Read more

Mix #176 By Of Norway

The latest edition to our mix series is a warm and chilling house mixtape by a hot rising duo: Of Norway. Stylistically fluent and filled with still unreleased tracks, as well as some favourites, this mix come as a sublime treat we are happy to share. Even if you have never even considered going to Norway, let alone getting lost in its forests, now you will know how it feels. Or, at least, what sound it would entail, according to the Norwegian duo Vegard Wolf Dyvik and Carl Christian Steenstrup. As they promised, the mix presents Of Norway’s some of their unreleased and the most ... Read more

Interview: ANOTR

The two met, fooled around and played around, and, well you know, one thing led to ANOTR… No, I am not talking in riddles, this is rather a very simplified story of the beginning of the duo, ANOTR, consisting of two 21 year old Amsterdammers Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney. After several years of exploration as Piotr & Zahn, the two settled down, if one could say so, to bring their energetic house-meets-tech-house sound to the dancefloors. Quite recently the first eye-opening works sparked the interest of record label Armada Music, subsequently leading to the release of summer anthem ‘Strobe’ ... Read more