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Dutch Ticketing Company Offers PassportSwap from USA to Europe

After today’s US Election outcome, Dutch company TicketSwap, took it upon themselves to provide a marketplace where American’s can exchange their passports for European ones. TicketSwap provides a peer-to-peer ticket exchange service and is running since 2012. It is Holland’s to go service after official ticket sales are being sold out, which recently launched it’s branch to UK, which provides a platform for people to sell their tickets to others on its platform and promote it on Facebook. Of course the company’s press rep. Linde Hertogh to comments the idea was simply a joke in the aftermath of the elections: ... Read more

Dutch Dance Music Industry Valued At €200 Million

According to ING Economists, the Dutch dance music industry has steadily risen is profit by 50% a year since 2008 and is expected to hit a value upwards of €200m in 2015. As each year some 170 dance events are held throughout the Netherlands, a total of 2.7 million fans are estimated to attend. From this, artists and event organisers generate turnover of some €260m a year, resulting in 1 in 14 creative industry jobs. Performances generate the largest revenue, taking 94% of the total amount. 4 in 10 of Dutch people over the age of 16 identify as dance music fans with 1 in ... Read more