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Guy Is Selling Agressive Police Letter After Stealing Berghain Drinks Menu

Remember the guy who was selling the Berghain drinks menu from a few months back? Well, he’s back with a new item for sale, this time a rather aggressive letter written by Berlin police on the selling of that drink menu. It turns out that Berlin, that techno mecca of mystery, has about zero chill after going to police threatening to sue. The seller, in ever casual fashion, simply describes the item like this: “I (allegedly) stole a drinks menu from Berghain to sell it on eBay and someone went to the police to sue. lol So the cops wrote ... Read more

Straight From The 60s, This Vintage Turntable Setup Can Be Yours

Looking like something straight of of HBO’s Vinyl, a fully functional vintage turntable setup has found its way onto ebay. Currently priced at £4,199.00, the setup is a 1960s era quad stereo system and features 2 Garrard 301 oil bearing turntables, a rotary controlled mixer, Wharfedale Airedale speakers, and a Quad 33 in console pre amp. The entire console is said to be in working order, and has been in storage for “a while”, although some touch ups may be for the best. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the one of a kind item and ... Read more

You Can Now Bid On An “Authentic Berghain” Drinks Menu On Ebay

In today’s new of the weird-things from-Berghain-available-on-ebay, is an authentic getränkekarte (drinks menu in German) from the famed club’s upstairs room – Panoramabar. As you can see the menu is quite beat up but is listed as “authentic Berghain” (fair enough) and seems to be racking in the Euros. Yesterday, when originally put on ebay, the price was €1, but at the time of writing, it has shot up to €52,99, with 27 people bidding. It’s not the mount spent earlier this year on Ben Klock’s Berghain banana, but €50+ for an item you could easily just run into the ... Read more

Ben Klock’s NYE Berghain Banana Sold On Ebay

No this is not a joke. One of the visitors at Berghain’s NYE marathon has now auctioning a banana intended for Ben Klock on eBay. The raver received the banana from Klock personally.  The story accompanying the strange eBay offer is probably the best thing about it, as you can almost taste the admiration this person has for the DJ in question. We wish the possible owner lots of happiness with his or her banana, and that gets it delivered before the rotting process has set in.