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Free Download: Anton Dhouran - Eden (Original Mix)

Born into a creative family of filmmakers, young Parisian Anton Dhouran is set to release his debut album, coming courtesy of Chapter 24 Records. Entitled “The Myth of Tarae,” the album is a collection of his cinematic sounding work, which has previously been featured on imprints like Diynamic, Jeudi, and The Soundgarden. Typically epic in breadth and narrative, “The Myth of Tarae” effortlessly combines electronic, instrumental, and cinematic styles, and it even accompanied by a short film focusing on raising awareness of the current plight of the environment. You’ll be seeing a bit of this release on DHA in the ... Read more

Watch The Trailer For Upcoming Daft Punk Documentary

Even though there are near decades in between their releases, Daft Punk never cease to grab the full attention of both media and the music industry with every new year. Their latest successful attempt to recapture the global spotlight – just after taking it earlier this summer with the release of french flick ‘Eden’ which loosely revolved around the enigmatic French musical phenomenon – comes in the form of a soon to be released documentary called ‘Daft Punk Unchained’. Distributor BBC Worldwide just released the first trailer, which can be viewed below.  Kanye West: “Who revolutionised dance music the most? [..] Daft Punk” Although rather ... Read more

‘Eden’: Daft Punk-Inspired Movie Releases First Trailer

In France a movie has been in the making that will tell the story of the French dance scene and loosely portrays two youngsters that would eventually become the global phenomenon that is Daft Punk. The first trailer that you can see here, is looking pretty interesting. The trailer was finally released this week after anticipation for the flick had been steadily building up. The story isn’t directly focussed on Daft Punk, however, it revolves around two friends of the would-be robots  that are also struggling to find their place within the Parisian dance scene in the early nineties. There ... Read more