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[VIDEO] Moby Speaks With Larry King On Dance Music, Drugs, And Trump

Veteran Producer Moby speaks with Larry King and gets candid about his struggles as an alcoholis, his longtime friendship with David Bowie, and his feelings about (of course) Donald Trump. Below are a few clips from the interview, which you can watch in full HERE On Bowie On Drugs On Los Angeles On Prince

This New Food Truck Looks To Serve Its Food With A Side Of Beats

Gourmet Food + Music + “Rave” Gear + Wheels. It seems like the perfect combination, now a group of friends have combined their love of food and beats with a new Kickstarter project guaranteed to satisfy. Called Electric Dance Munchies (aka “EDM”…get it?) and conceptualised as a traveling food truck, set up with a “state of the art” speaker system, the roving kitchen will also see the musical stylings of one “DJ Fazi Snaxxx” dropping the beats on his Ableton 9 and Launchpad. But…and there’s more…customers aren’t only going to line up for the latest in tasty treats (more on ... Read more

We Are Your Friends Is A Historic Hollywood Flop

Over the weekend, the Zac Efron-starring EDM romp We Are Your Friends opened Internationally. Though reviews have not been crushing to the film, the box office has, with the film having garnered the worst box office opening of all time for a film opening in 2000+ (US) theaters. With a $1.8 million weekend haul over some 2.3K US cinemas, We Are Your Friends has carved itself a place in Hollywood lore. The film, about a young DJ trying to break into the EDM scene and become a music producer, is described as a “passion project” for its star Efron with Warner ... Read more

#EDM Banned From Instagram

Though their blacklist has been known for a few years, Instagram has been on something of a hasthtag purge as of late. Some of the hashtag bans are self explanatory, like #porn, however recently some have drawn considerable controversy, such as the recent banning of #curvy (though, has since made a comeback). Today, news came that the popular social network’s latest ban is on #EDM, and the reasoning behind it is vague. In a statement on the matter, Instagram describes its hashtag policy as “We block (i.e. make unsearchable) certain hashtags when they are consistently being used to share images ... Read more

Australian DJ Duo Pulls The Perfect Troll On EDM Crowd

When seeing the video below you’re first wondering whether this has been done before, and why this isn’t standard practice for every DJ (with a sense of humour) to do every once in a while. Mashd N Kutcher, an Australian DJ duo, are hyping up a packed club with the standard EDM build-up to the infamous drop, at which point they throw in Spandau Ballet’s ‘I Know This Much Is True’. Their bold move results into a couple of boos and fingers in the air. But after a few seconds the crowd even begins to sing along. The video has ... Read more

We Are Your Friends, The Accurate Trailer

The first movie focusing on the EDM scene, starring Zac Efron, just got a little more authentic with this hilarious trailer recut. We already talked about how Hollywood thinks about the Electronic Music and since the announcement of ‘We Are Your Friends’ it seemed like the movie industry realised how much potential the $20 billion industry has. But while there are many great stories about the scene, Hollywood picked one up that seems rather dull on the first look. See also: So, What Does Hollywood Think About Electronic Music Anyway? The movie, named after the Justice track, is a romantic drama about the EDM and Hollywood nightlife scene, starring Zac Efron, ... Read more

Choose Your Own Path To Vegas’ Superstardom

Have you ever dreamt of dominating the booming, and commercial, world of the big room Las Vegas DJ?  Do you still wear your Calvin Harris tramp stamp with pride?  Well, even if Sin City may be out of physical reach, shareable content giant Clickhole has presented a Choose Your Own Adventure style game asking you to “DJ This Party” and conquer Vegas, contemporary EDM style. You will play as Prague’s finest, DJ Musik and Club Jenga (LOL) is the hottest jump off on the Vegas strip, but just like a spot on the guest list, the DJ booth seems to be ... Read more

DJ Tiesto Collapses After Hearing His Own Music For Too Long

The EDM world is in a state of turmoil after DJ Tiësto collapsed on stage last Friday night during a gig in San Jose (California), putting his American tour to an abrupt halt, leaving thousands of ticket holders in L.A. and San Diego disgruntled. The claims of the famed DJ hitting an LED-screen were suddenly abandoned when an investigation into the occurrence pointed out that Tiësto was actually physically and mentally drained by having to hear his music every single night. Dr. Rudolph Kaufman, who specializes in DJs that run a high risk of ‘ear-exhaustion‘ – also known as ‘EDM-fatigue‘ ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with Adriatique

2 guys named Adrian met each other back in 2008 in a club in Germany and were both really impressed by each other’s set. They became good friends and started producing under the name Adriatique. They now live together in Zurich; it sounds almost like a fairy tale with a happy ending. But the end of this tale is nowhere near; it is just the beginning for the rising duo from Diynamic. I think we broke every rule which exists on the streets between Zurich and Barcelona. So Kids: Don’t do this! AD = Adrian with Dark Hair AB = ... Read more