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Lente Kabinet 2018: The Maturing, But Ever So Rebellious Little Sister

It’s 11:30 in the morning on a Saturday as we quickly finish our coffee and hop on the bike to set out for one of the best festivals this season. We set a course due North, away from the sprawling capital of modern dance music, into its hinterlands. As houses become fewer and further in between, the landscape becomes greener as we paddle our way over an ever-increasing number of dikes and bridges; a sign indicating we’ve now officially left Amsterdam is overshadowed by a much smaller, bright red & yellow sign below it, pointing us where we need to ... Read more

European Space Agency Release Multiple Intergalactic Audio Samples

Licensed under (various) Creative Commons IGO licences, the European Space Agency has uploaded a slew of intergalactic samples on their Soundcloud page. From the consistent hum of a passing comet to the crunch of the Philae probe landing on one, from muddled mission vocals to “alien” radar blips, many of these samples are production ready, offering opportunities to producers working within the realms of everything from acid house to industrial style warehouse bangers. For good measure, NASA has also released a similar collection via their own Soundcloud page leading us to believe that the integration of intergalactic audio may be the next frontier of ... Read more