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Premiere: Olaf Stuut – Evolve Tutor (Original Mix)

With “ET,” Amsterdam based producer Olaf Stuut returns to Atomnation with a stunning four track EP. The sound of Olaf Stuut can be described as vibe and emotion through sound. Listeners are given a choice, either dance or stretch out on the couch. Olaf Stuut is a musician who always tells a story, with strong vibes, challenging harmonies, and melodic sounds. Today, Olaf exclusively premieres the solid beats of ‘Evolve Tutor’. “ET” is available 16 December on Atomnation. PRE ORDER Soundcloud Artist Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/premiere-olaf-stuut-evolve-tutor-original-mix” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″]