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Is Roland Set To Re Release The TR-909?

A celebration of the studio favorite Roland TR-909 is scheduled to go down next month. Promising the offer of “new and inspiring electronic instruments,” Roland is set to release a slew of new instruments with rumors of a possible 909 re release coming some 33 years after its original production. In fact, the techno favorite TR-909 technically hasn’t been on the market since 1985. (Not so) Arguably one of the industry’s seminal instruments, the TR-909 can fetch high prices via the second hand market, and with Roland actively bringing many of its classics back in the form of a “boutique ... Read more

Lane 8 Bans Cellphones At Upcoming Performances

Anjnuadeep’s Lane 8 has made good on his promise to make his fans live in the moement and has banned the use of cellphones at his upcoming performances. The initiative, entitled “This Never Happened” recently launched in San Francisco and seemed to go off quite nicely, with fans leaving their devices at home or, easier yet, in their pockets. Lane 8 took to his Facebook (which you can read in its entirity below) to thank fans and deam the night a success. See also: Mix #204 By Lane 8 Obviously, no phones on the dancefloor has been quite a hot ... Read more

Elastic Artists Social Media Hacked By Unpaid Artists

Last week it was reported that Elastic Artsists, booking agency to the likes of Âme and Dixon, was holding back payments to its artists under terms they describe as ‘financial difficulties”. In a statement reported by RA that states, “the company is currently experiencing financial difficulties which have meant we are unable to release monies to clients for shows that have already taken place.” It adds: “We are exploring options to restore the company’s liquidity and to transfer the ownership of the business to a new team.” Though taking the necessary publicity steps, it seems that the company has started ... Read more

Possible Plans For Music Videos Inside Your Facebook News Feed

Last week a rumour started spreading that Facebook was about to enter the market of music streaming services, merely a couple of days after Apple Music went live. Facebook denied the claims however, and made a statement saying it had no desire to begin a streaming service of its own. One insider has now told Billboard that Facebook has something in the works that could be seen as an attempt to enter Google territory. Billboard’s source disclosed information of the social media company having talks with record labels to discuss possibilities for them to natively post official music videos in ... Read more

How Oculus Rift Will Change The Music Industry

After a comprehensive beta testing phase, home virtual reality system Oculus Rift was officially launched on 11 June, culminating years of anticipation for the new wearable technology. Available to the public in the first few months of 2016, the device is primarily marketed to gamers, even coming with an Xbox One controller. Despite this target market, it is without a doubt that VR could be a game changer across the spectrum of media and the creative arts. Highlighted below the Oculus introduction video, are five way the technology can change the way creators can produce, and audiences can consume, music. 1. ... Read more

Holy Ship! May Be Spying On Its Fans’ Social Media

Facebook has been in the news quite prominently of late with the recent Ten Walls controversy.  Now, some disturbing news coming out of the U.S. involving prominent West Coast promoters HARD and their seafaring event Holy Ship! “We were very disappointed to see your recent comments in a Holy Ship! group page on Facebook – your posts have been documented and brought to our attention…This will serve as a wake up call to you and others who think this type of behaviour is acceptable…Perhaps this has prevented something with harsher penalties from happening. The fact that you were not caught or arrested for ... Read more

‘Facebook Purge’ Will Delete All Fake/Bought Page Likes

This is going to be one of the more interesting – and welcome – developments regarding Facebook in a long while. On March 12 the billion dollar social media platform will ‘purge’ brand pages from inactive likes; this basically means that all the likes that are bought will disappear from like counts. Social media have been struggling with the negative developments of accounts buying likes or followers through external clickfarms. These vast clickfarms usually operate from third world countries and have the sole task of increasing the amount of likes or followers of a brand or artist page in return ... Read more

Free Download: Fleetwood Mac – The Chain (Chinonegro Edit)

WOW, after 100k followers on soundcloud the counter on facebook has just hit 50k likes! We want to thank all of you for supporting Deep House Amsterdam and the music we wanna share with you.To show our appreciation, here’s an exclusive free track from the Peruvian talent Chinonegro. Enjoy! Much Love, Deep House Amsterdam crew DOWNLOAD Artist PageSoundcloud [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/free-download-fleetwood-mac-the-chain-chinonegro-editfull” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”81″]