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Must-Attend Festivals And Events In Barcelona This Year

Photo by Pexels / The Pixabay License Located along the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain (Madrid is the first). The city is renowned worldwide for its incredible art and architecture. But it’s also known for its beaches, sunny weather, restaurants, parks, museums, and football team — to name a few. Thus, it’s no secret that Barcelona is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer, no matter your interests — it’s a hot destination for international tourists, clubbers, and poker players alike. And it also has a killer selection of music festivals. Here ... Read more

Top 5 European Spring Festivals

As the first terrace weekend is coming ahead of us, and our feet naturally start to itch for the dancing season, we have put up a shortlist of festivals not to miss this upcoming spring season. Pack your bikinis, ski suits and bag packs, get your plane tickets because the festival is about to kick in and it’s set out to be a strong one! #5 Primavera Sound Crosscutting between a range of genres, from indie-rock, grime to house and techno, Primavera Sound since its launch remained probably the most influential festival in the Catalan capital. Usually a spring festival, this year is pushed ... Read more

Study: Festival Wristbands Are Bacterial Infestation, Could Cause Infections

It’s a familiar sight during Summer and long afterwards: people still proudly wearing their festival wristbands, to show the world just how incredible the last few months have been for them or as an icebreaker at parties and in everyday life. It can sometimes go as far as not being able to see somebody’s underarm anymore because it’s covered in proof of five summers worth of festival visits. This was all well and good – to each his own – but now a study from the University of Surrey has found out that festival wrist bands are a bacterial infestation ... Read more

The Next Festival Must Have Item Might Be This Portable Hot Tub

The Hydro Hammock may be the answer to the all to real sanitary needs of music festivals, especialy those of a multi day format. Described as a multifunctional hammock, portable hot tub, waterbed and outdoor shower system – the highly portable device will make any festival trip simpler, more comfortable, and most importantly, more sanitary. Per the product website, the Hydro Hammock’s are “durable and portable hammocks ready for soothing hot or cool refreshing water,” going on to describe its technical and environmental specifics as: “Equipped with a portable water heater system, LPG or electric. Hydro Hammocks require less water than bathtubs and have ... Read more

What Happens To Your Brain When You Don’t Sleep

While everyone would agree that the summer months are the most fun of the year, the earth’s festival-going, hedonistic part of the population will unfortunately also have to agree that these months are a complete and utter disaster to your body. And not in the least place because there is little sleep involved when you’re on a serious drug fueled festival bender. Now we don’t want to kill your buzz here, but it might be wise to grow some awareness of the actual effects of these sleep-deprived days and nights, right? The people at Science.Mic have drawn up the infographic ... Read more

Recovering From The Post-Festival Comedown?

For me, late March meant one thing and one thing only…Winter Music Conference. For the better part of a decade I made the annual trek to South Beach, having cashed in a years worth of loose change along with its tax refund, whether as fan or professional, the week was simply a must go. Traditionally we would arrive in Miami late Wednesday and last until the following Monday morning. Pre-event, however, these 5 days still required a certain amount of planning, the most important of which was how long of a work leave to request. When the time came to put in the request: ... Read more

‘Glance’, The Dating App For The Festival Crowd

In hailing from the USA, the ever developing, cut-throat (!) world of dating apps is nothing new to me. Hell, while attending 2014’s South by Southwest Conference, it seemed as if the entirety of the event’s “tech” program centred around niche, get-laid-immediately iOS/Android applications (here’s a nice list of off dating apps actually in existence). A quick look over the spectrum of dating apps will yield results looking to match virtually every religion imaginable, as well as mutual drug users, farmers, and more, but there never seemed to be one for the festival/club crowd. Well, this past May, GLANCE changed that with their official slogan: “Glance before you dance”. The app, described ... Read more

Elderly People Becoming Big Attraction At Festivals

It’s becoming somewhat of a trend on social media, footage of elderly people dancing like they’re 22 again at festivals. Just two weeks ago Holland’s very own ‘House Opa’ stole the show at Edit Festival in Haarlem. His moves were all over Facebook, and he’s been popping up before after attending other festivals and dance parties regularly. Other colourful characters of age have made equal name for themselves in other places like Berlin and Detroit. Here’s a small testimony to these people, who are showing youngsters that loving and dancing to dance music shouldn’t have an expiration date. Back in ... Read more

Amsterdam Festival Event Makes You The Festival Programmer

Have you ever thought you had the greatest idea for a festival concept and were confident you could execute it to the max? Well, Amsterdam Festival Event makes those dream reality. On August 8 this new approach to festivals will come to Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Festival Event can be described as a BYOF, Bring Your Own Festival, concept. It’s gonna be one weekend, one outdoor area and 60 party tents. Until June 7, you can submit your crazy ideas and a jury will decide weather your idea passes the selection process. The ideas which get selected will get a sound system and a party tent. Out ... Read more

Festivals Banning Selfie Sticks

With new technology often come new rules. The festival season is coming closer and closer and so a handful of considerable players in the industry decided to prohibit a gadget that has become an inflammatory subject on social media. Beginning of this year we reported about UK venues like the 02 Academy Brixton, 02 Arena and Wembley Arena banning selfie sticks. Yesterday Coachella and Lollapalooza banned selfie sticks from their festivals this year and have listed them as “prohibited items”. This includes monopods and other camera attachments. See also: UK Venues Banning the Selfie Stick According to Dutchscene the majority of the big Dutch Festivals have apparently followed this example. ... Read more

Free Water At Festivals Enforced By Amsterdam Mayor

Mayor van der Laan of Amsterdam has called on every festival organization in Amsterdam to make free refills of water bottles possible at future outdoor events. The decision was made together with the VVD delegation in the city council. Festival Security In June, criticism surfaced after visitors at various festivals were rudely handled by security at the water taps when they tried to refill their water bottles. One of the visitors that had experienced such an encounter stated that she was given a simple choice : “Either you go, or the bottle goes”. Since then more events have had to ... Read more

Selling Water At Festivals: Greedy Policy Or Economic Necessity?

Some month ago one of the leading festivals in the Netherlands, Welcome To The Future, announced that it will have a special ‘Gemeent Pils’ bar, where visitors can get tap water for free, including as many refills as they please. With this decision WTTF is breaking a trend which most commercial dance-festivals are sticking to: letting visitors pay for water. So why did it take so long before somebody decided to make a change to this common policy? And shouldn’t all festivals make free water available, or is that just wishful thinking when you take the ever-growing production size and costs ... Read more